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The Episode begins with Chintu and his buddy talking on the manner. His friend asks him no longer to wait for proper time, time doesn’t prefer all and sundry, simply move and confess love to satisfied. happy says I want to do a activity, i hope Pratap is familiar with. Smiley asks her no longer to fear. Chintu comes home and hears his mum and Biji cursing happy and blaming her for the whole thing. He asks them to stop it and use their energy for some thing positive. He says you don’t have a problem that satisfied spoke in opposition to Rocky, however that she spoke in the front of you, she simply supported Aaliya, you have to do her evaluation, suppose what are you doing, you’re speakme terrible things, you may prove that its the men who’re bad, if you could’t discover a answer, why can we discuss it, you all don’t prevent, I m fed up, forestall it. His sisters clap.

Kulwant says we realize Rocky loses his cool, you in no way do that, who is glad for whom you fought with own family, she changed into with you, what’s taking place, tell me what is it. Chintu hugs him and cries. Pratap and his wife welcome Kulwant. Pratap asks him to sit and talk. He asks what’s the matter. Kulwant says I wanted to speak to Sandhya, i have come to fulfill her. Smiley says he desires to whinge about you. Sandhya defends satisfied. Pratap says Sandhya manner to say she is sorry. Sandhya says yes. Pratap says glad accused Rocky, she did wrong. Kulwant says no, I m here to speak approximately Chintu. fb indicates Chintu crying and praising happy. He says she is just like me, she has misplaced plenty in lifestyles and her dad, she didn’t lose hope, she is responsible, she changed into defending Aaliya, she wasn’t against Rocky, i like her, I want to marry her, problem is i have by no means proposed to a lady before, I just don’t realize what to do. facebook ends. satisfied asks Chintu? Kulwant says I want to mention, I m here to ask for glad’s hand for marriage to my son Chintu.

They get stunned. Kulwant says Chintu and glad are information each different nicely. Pratap says its a wonderful information, I didn’t recognize after they commenced liking each other, satisfied is so fortunate. He signs and symptoms Sandhya to agree. Pratap and his spouse do their drama of elevating happy as their daughter. Smiley says they should be satisfied to put off you, when did this show up, how, what approximately your life, desires and job. happy says name me fool any further, why did I keep Chintu from drowning. Smiley asks do you like Chintu or now not. Kulwant says I want you to invite happy as soon as, there may be no hurry to reply. Pratap’s spouse says she isn’t always loopy to refuse. Kulwant says you should think it properly after which supply a respond, I might be waiting for your answer and hopefully a yes. Pratap says we are fortunate that you are accepting an orphan as your Bahu, satisfied might be fortunate to get a family like yours. Kulwant says it wasn’t her fault that her dad died, it was an coincidence, I promise i can provide a great family to glad. He is going.

Biji says no, you have got gone mad Kulwant. Kulwant receives silent. His wife asks are you joking, did you absolutely restore Chintu’s marriage with glad. He says its a pleasant alliance. His wife says she is root of all the problems, Rocky was ousted due to her. He defends glad. She argues. She says i’m able to deliver opinion about my son’s marriage too. He says first-rate, but decision might be mine, happy will come as my bahu. Bua asks why are you so company for this. He says no person is asking why I took this selection, no person thinks approximately Chintu, he will see your tears and sacrifice his happiness again, he will refuse for marriage, that is an imp selection of his existence, he wants to marry happy, we can locate happiness in his happiness, its very last now. He is going. Chintu smiles and says dad became out to be a superhero, he took my marriage suggestion there, I m in problem, satisfied need to have been livid now. glad refuses for marriage. Pratap comes to scold Sandhya and glad. He says you will by no means get such a proposal, you have no reputation to throw tantrums, don’t even attempt, you’ll be marrying Chintu, I m no longer asking you, enough now, its very last. glad cries.

Biji, Madhu and Simmi Bua have a speak and assume how to prevent the marriage. Rocky is with Sania. Simmi calls him and says Kulwant has constant Chintu’s marriage with glad. Rocky says its now not possible, don’t worry, we will find Chintu, you known as me on the proper time, i can no longer let glad reach Chintu, she will ought to face me, I gained’t permit this marriage manifest. He leaves.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 31st January 2019 Written Update Precap: Happy says i can train a lesson to Chintu. He angrily goes to meet Chintu. Rocky is available in between.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update
Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update

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