Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rocky going to fulfill Honey. happy makes the kids prepared. Rocky hears Khushi’s name and is derived to peer. He sees a touch female Khushi and says I felt my Happy changed into there. Happy takes Honey along with her and asks what occurred to you. Meenu says if Honey takes college, he’s going to blast here and this college will be ruined, I ought to do some thing. happy asks Honey to have a deep breath. Meenu asks what took place to him. happy says not anything, he were given worried for his performance. Meenu assessments Honey’s bomb reputation. Happy and Sweety persuade Honey. happy jokes. She goes. a person calls her out. Happy goes to assist the kids change costumes at some stage in play. She wears the mask. Rocky passes by means of. He doesn’t see her. Honey fights with a boy. Sweety stops them. Rocky asks them no longer to fight right here and prepare for opposition. He asks them to shake fingers. Meenu goes. happy receives greatly surprised seeing Rocky and thinks how did he come, he wasn’t coming.

Kabir says Meenu, Honey is our human bomb, Honey will blast there, we need to make a larger blast, keep a watch on that kid. Ruhi involves him. She says I know you had hidden this digital camera in Rocky’s room, I had a doubt on you. She shows the camera and says i can call Rocky. Kabir gets indignant and asks her not to try this. He asks are we able to pass there for a speak, please. Honey and youngsters come for the play. Happy cries and hides at the back of the stage. all people claps. Rocky waits to look Khushi. Kabir threatens Ruhi and assaults her. She calls Ruhi. Rocky says maybe its some thing pressing. He goes to reply name. Happy comes on degree and sees Rocky long gone. She receives relieved. Rocky solutions the decision. Ruhi bites Kabir’s hand and runs. Honey feels dizzy. happy worries. Kabir stabs Ruhi. She falls down. happy goes on the level and holds Honey whilst he faints.

Rocky and Harleen come back and ask what’s going on here. He receives a call from motel. He receives stunned. He leaves. Harleen asks what occurred to Rocky now. Harleen hears about Honey and worries. She asks Honey to stand up. Meenu sees the alert and thinks bomb can blast each time now, I should depart. Rocky says I m additionally greatly surprised seeing this, Ruhi was operating for us due to the fact many years, inspector find out who did this. Inspector asks in which were you. Rocky says i used to be at my baby’s school. Kabir gets a name. Inspector asks do you’ve got to inform someone that murder is executed, answer the decision. Kabir issues. Harleen says if Rocky knows this, he will kill me. happy concerns that Honey’s heart isn’t working. She pumps his heart and calls for an ambulance. Kabir solutions the decision. Meenu says it’s going to blast. Inspector asks what’s going to blast. Kabir says she is my spouse, she is announcing about cooker blast. Meenu says I suppose cooker will blast. He asks her to get out of the residence. Happy and Harleen take Honey. Happy is going to get the automobile. Inspector asks Kabir where become he on the time of Ruhi’s murder.

Precap: Kabir says I went to motel kitchen. someone comes to assist him. Kabir receives shocked.


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