Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nectar asks Happy for what valid reason is she crying now, he won’t leave the individual who made her cry. She says I m fine, I was cleaning the eyes. Sweety kisses her. Happy embraces them. Meenu looks on. Rocky says there would be some key to off the live weapon. Meenu hears Happy discussing Rocky.

Happy says Rocky proceeded onward and got hitched, he has a child, he would love Harleen, I have avoided him for a long time, imagine a scenario where I fall frail, I wish I had hitched Rocky. Meenu asks what occurred, are you fine. Happy says I have an eye hypersensitivity, I will wash my face and come. She goes. Kabir goes to Rocky’s lodge. He gets some information about Khushi. Rocky says who can be behind this arranging. Kabir fixes a covert agent cam in Rocky’s lodge. He says now I will watch out for Rocky. He goes. Rocky goes to his lodge. Nectar and Sweety move practice. Happy sees Honey and grins. Meenu looks on.

Peon says its Honey’s day of reckoning, his father came to drop him and now his mum got the tiffin. Nectar runs and embraces Harleen. Harleen makes him away and says I needed to come on Madhu’s platitude. She acts discourteous and goes. Nectar cries. Happy looks on and supposes I thought she blew up that day, however she is constantly discourteous. Sweety requests that Honey grin. Nectar asks Happy not to squander her time. Happy says I have buckled down on you for the challenge, have the Rajma Chawal. She nourishes the sustenance to Honey. Nectar says my mum doesn’t make sustenance for me, she won’t come to watch my exhibition in the challenge. Happy thinks for what reason is Rocky doing this, Harleen additionally acts seriously with him.

Rocky gets back home and sits tired. Nectar asks would i be able to support you. He gets a glass of water for him. He says my educator requested that I hand over water to guardians. He says sorry, a fly has fallen inside, instructor said I should give clean water. Rocky chuckles and says your educator looks extremely brilliant. Nectar says indeed, my Khushi heavenly attendant is shrewd and dazzling, she goes ahead radio, RJ Khushi Sharma, she is my educator as well. Rocky supposes she is my Happy. He says I will accompany you to class tomorrow and meet your instructor. Madhu embraces Honey and asks him to dependably remain Happy.

Happy informs Grover concerning Honey, Rocky’s child. Grover says you have begun your new life and this began, I wish to support you. She says no, children will get anxious in the event that I leave today, I will leave from their lives once the challenge closes. Rocky says I felt Happy was near, my heart knows Khushi is Happy, its matter of one day now. He sees her pic. Nectar and Sweety prepare. Happy grins seeing them. She supposes Rocky is my heart, I need to leave from you as a result of Rocky. She approaches Honey not to sit tight for anybody. She requests that the children appreciate the presentation. Meenu looks on. Nectar says my folks aren’t coming.

Happy wishes Rocky could come to see Honey in front of an audience, I could have seen Rocky once, I will leave after Honey’s exhibition. She says so what, I will watch your whole execution and applaud. She requests that Honey prepare. Nectar says I m astounding Khushi, my folks are coming today. Harleen gets Happy to go with Rocky. Ruhi comes to converse with Rocky. He says not presently, I m setting off to Honey’s school. They leave. Ruhi says I question Kabir and needed to let you know. Harleen and Rocky come in the school program. Happy is near Rocky. Harleen takes selfies with Rocky. Happy is behind.

Precap: Kabir says Honey is our human bomb, we need to design enormous thing. Rocky hears Khushi and goes to see her.


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