Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nectar and Sweety go to the lodging. Kumar sees the goons. Meenu and Kabir come in mask. Happy trains all the staff individuals. She sees Meenu and says I think I have seen you some place. Harleen requests that Happy come and help her. Upbeat goes. Rough goes out. Happy says everything is set, Harleen go to kitchen and check things. Harleen goes.

Happy sees Honey and Sweety, and requests that they return home. Nectar says please let me remain here, I guaranteed Sweety that I will take her on date. Happy says come tomorrow, return home. Nectar says fine. Happy picks his drawing book and gets Harleen’s call. She says I will get back to you. She sees the bomb drawing and gets stunned. Rough and Kumar welcome the pastor at the inn. Rough believes is his fact something different. Nectar says I needed to demonstrate this attracting to you, I saw this in adornment box, I needed to get some information about it that day, yet you got occupied. Happy supposes it means Honey has seen the bombs in the lodging. She proceeds to attempt to discover the bomb. She discovers one in the bin. She says the bombs are set all over, somebody will have the detonator to enact the bombs. Kabir and Meenu are in kitchen. Kabir gets message and demonstrates the message to her. He says now is the right time, Happy diwali. They go.

Harleen sees them and asks where are both of you going, I think I have seen you. Kabir says capacity is going to begin. Harleen asks who will do the kitchen work here, don’t venture out of the kitchen, proceed to work. Meenu blows up. Kabir stops Meenu and requests that her control her displeasure, there shouldn’t be any mix-up, do as she says. Harleen requests that they work. Nectar and Sweety see the bomb. Happy says leave it. Nectar says its only a clock. Happy requests that her take Sweety home. He says I will support you, what’s the issue, I will unravel it. She says there are terrible individuals here, Rocky, Harleen and I will spare the lodging, Madhu and Sandhya are separated from everyone else at home, who will deal with them and spare them. Nectar says I will spare them. Happy says you have a telephone right, call me when you arrive at home. Upbeat sees Rocky and requests that Honey return home. She calls Rocky and can’t interface. She sees Rocky in front of an audience. She supposes to go to Rocky and let him know. She says will I make a declaration, everybody will proceed to remain safe, there are numerous individuals here, there will be disorder, consider the possibility that the individual enacts the bomb, better find that individual with the remote. Nectar and Sweety get back home and shut the entryway. Madhu asks what occurred.

Nectar says I will deal with you both, don’t go out, its risky. Madhu asks what occurred. Sweety says its like sunlight based shroud today, remain at home. Nectar says you are keen. Madhu says I will go to inn. Nectar says I m not kidding, father said none will leave home, I will call father. Madhu says no. Sandhya says I will tune in to Honey. Nectar says Sandhya is savvy, stay there and sit in front of the television. Nectar messages Happy that all is well at home. Upbeat says nothing is fine here, I will tell Rocky. She hears Kumar requesting that his men come and explode the bomb, the pastor is here. She gets stunned. She goes to converse with Rocky. Pastor says in the event that you are seeing the security, I have nothing to stress. Kumar says so decent of you. He blows up. Harleen is occupied accessible if the need arises. Meenu says its done. Harleen reproves Meenu and requests that her clean the plates well. Rough gets stunned and says it implies Kumar is behind this. Happy says he is a fear monger, he has concealed bombs in every one of the props, he needs to execute serve, I heard him giving a request to somebody.

Precap: Rocky says I will discover those individuals who a detonator. Happy stresses. Kumar asks Kabir to explode the bomb.


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