Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Happy says don’t freeze, guarantee me, simply go from here, there is threat on your life. Clergyman says Kumar said the security is great. Happy says he doesn’t have an inkling, simply go. A man focuses weapon at priest and shoots. Happy makes her away. She says I revealed to you that your life is in peril, simply go. Kumar converses with Kabir and Meenu. Rocky looks on and signs the woman. Kumar says the gatekeeper isn’t in my contact, proceed to discover them, move.

Rocky observes Kabir. Happy says in the event that Rocky’s life gets in peril, at that point… I ought to go on. Rocky thinks Kumar won’t do the impact, he will make another person do the impact, beneficial thing is Happy isn’t here. Happy comes there. He inquires as to for what reason did you return. She says no, I will remain here and help you. He says its not an opportunity to contend. She says imagine a scenario in which anything transpires, you can’t lose the individual you adore, I need to live incredible you, we will perceive what occurs. They see Kabir and Meenu. The man focuses firearm at Rocky. Happy sees this and hits on the man’s head. Rocky turns and gets stunned. Happy gets Meenu. Kabir begins running. Rocky gets Kabir. Kumar comes there. Rocky beats Kabir and asks where is the remote, let me know. Kabir says I will murder everybody. The individuals flee. Rocky asks Kabir not to press the catch. Kabir presses the catch and says all of you will color now.

Kumar says priest left the inn in spite of my arrangements, Happy has done this. Meenu says today we won’t come up short. Kumar beats the watchmen. Happy beats Meenu. Meenu swoons. Kumar picks the remote. He pushes Happy away. Rocky stresses for Happy and holds her. Kumar says I will unquestionably do the impact, none can stop this. Harleen yells for assistance. She escapes the cabinet. She says I won’t leave those individuals. Madhu says my Rocky possibly in threat, else he would have not requested that I remain at home, Harleen is with him, I will take a quick trip and see, for what reason policed come. Nectar says you can’t go out, swear on me, don’t go. She blows up.

Kumar chides Happy. He says you think you are exceptionally shrewd, my intention is great, I had numerous expectations from Rocky, I believed I will include you in my main goal however you needed to conflict with me, you think you are a legend, this medications toxin won’t end this way, I m attempting to end this medication racket, this clergyman subsidizes every one of the medications giving, you came in the middle of, you spared the priest, yet this bomb blast will arrive at the service, pastor will lose, we will win. Happy tosses something at his hand. Rocky picks the remote. He stops the bombs on schedule. Harleen comes and looks on stunned. Kumar gets captured.

Precap: Kumar says my main goal isn’t finished, I won’t leave you Rocky. Rocky returns home and discovers Honey missing. He gets a stunning call.


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