Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Sweety asking Rocky to get Honey lower back. Rocky guarantees her. He says I need to visit lodge for some imp paintings, i can discover him. Happy asks why are you going, what did Kumar say. He says i’ve already told absolutely everyone. He is going. Kumar asks Honey to have meals. Honey refuses. Kumar says you’re cussed like Rocky, have food and stay alive, then Rocky will do our paintings. Honey says no. Kumar asks the man not to present some thing to Honey. Rocky involves inn. He says i can’t kill the minister. He receives a call from Kumar. Kumar says look Rocky, visit minister’s workplace and kill her, the guards gained’t take a look at you, you are saving Honey’s life.

Rocky turns and sees Happy. She asks what are you hiding. He says I haven’t any time, let me cross. She tests the phone. He snatches it. Her finger receives a cut. He ties a kerchief. He says Kumar wants me to shoot the minister and kill her. She gets taken aback. Kumar calls him and asks him to kill minister quickly. He threatens Rocky. Rocky says I haven’t any time to think now. Kumar says Rocky will simply come, he is Honey’s dad. His guys see Rocky coming and tell him. Kumar says proper. Rocky meets minister and apologizes for the susceptible safety. She says its pleasant, you and happy stored me, I m grateful to you, tell me if i can assist. Rocky has the gun with him. She asks what came about. He says the hazard isn’t over. She receives concerned.

He recollects Happy asking him to shop for a while till she unearths Honey. He says those people are keeping a watch on me, I must live right here until i get any update. She nods. Happy comes domestic and thinks a way to locate Honey. Harleen cries and says I wanted to insult you, that astrologer woman advised me that she will be able to assist me in making you away, she made me wreck the props, so I took that girl to the store room, I didn’t know that she is using me to plan the attacks, Honey’s existence is in chance nowadays. happy gets greatly surprised. Harleen says I deserve this, I didn’t become an amazing mum, but I didn’t desire terrible for her.

Harleen says you get Honey back. Happy hugs her and consoles. She says their plan will assist us in reaching Honey, we are able to hint their number. She receives the wide variety tracked. the man tracks the variety and tells Happy. Kumar talks to his men. Happy says i can’t inform police, if Kumar is aware of then… no i can go and discover in which is Honey. Harleen says i will come along, I don’t need to make more errors, I want to take this responsibility, I were given busy in hating you, I didn’t recognition on Honey. Harleen says I know my mistake, I need a threat to rectify it. Happy says excellent, but nothing have to cross wrong there.

Kumar asks Honey why is he crying, his dad will come and store him. Honey says let me cross. Kumar says we can play a recreation, if I win, you will name Rocky, in case you win, i’m able to allow you to loose. Kumar and Honey arm wrestler. Kumar wins and says you lost, your dad has to kill the minister now. the person says we are able to get the old stolen car. Kumar says Rocky can kill minister any time. Rocky asks minister to assist him. Happy and Harleen come there and notice Kumar. The goons get caught. Rocky thank you minister. She says its my obligation, don’t worry. Happy takes Honey. Kumar points gun at Happy. He says i can kill Honey. He shoots at Honey. Happy protects Honey. Harleen comes in between and receives shot. happy kicks Kumar and hits him with the rod. Honey holds Harleen and cries for her. He says I m sorry. Harleen says don’t say this. Happy beats Kumar for hurting the own family. Inspector comes and arrests Kumar and his men. Happy says Harleen, Rocky may be coming, we can take you to health center. Harleen says no, I constantly hated you, as Rocky loved you, when I pass, you promise me you’ll be looking after Rocky and Honey, that is my closing want. happy promises Harleen. Harleen dies. Happy shouts Harleen. Rocky comes and gets taken aback seeing this. Honey hugs Rocky and cries.

Precap: Honey unites Rocky and happy’s palms. He asks them to thrill agree and be together. Happy says no, this received’t occur. Madhu seems on.


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