Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Madhu requests that he reclaim her swear, at that point she will give him desserts. Nectar says fine, I reclaim my pledge. She requests that he proceed to get desserts from kitchen. She opens the entryway. Constable says I m here for your security, Rocky is fine, you need to remain in the lodging. Madhu stresses and asks what occurred at the lodging. Monitor says you have to go to the police headquarters. Rocky says we will come, those individuals ought to be imprisoned. Examiner says don’t stress, return home. Rocky, Happy and Harleen return home. They see Madhu and Sandhya oblivious. Rocky searches for Honey. He sees Sweety crying and quiets her. Harleen and Happy sprinkle water and wake up Madhu and Sandhya. Harleen asks where is Honey. Rocky says he isn’t here. Happy says did he go to inn once more. They go to the inn and get some information about Honey. The woman says we shouldn’t be inside the lodging, the auditor requested that we go out and left from the inn. Rocky observes the police and asks where is your senior overseer, I won’t leave anybody in the event that anything happens to Honey.

The overseer requests that he talk appropriately, which examiner, we just became acquainted with about this and came here. Rocky says police has captured Kumar. Investigator says we know nothing, we didn’t send anybody. Rocky is stunned. Kabir and Meenu acclaim Kumar for having the reinforcement. Kumar says I had numerous plans, this time I will finish my main goal. Kabir asks in what manner will our central goal complete.

Kumar says no, its simply my central goal now, human can’t commit numerous errors, you are worn out on this work now, I can’t leave my main goal on your powerless shoulders, so I need to liberate you from this weight, you had been away from your family for long, go to your infant and remain with him. He shoots Kabir and Meenu. They tumble down and pass on. Kumar says I revealed to you that I don’t acknowledge botches. Nectar asks Kumar to leave him. Kumar says I will send you to Rocky, however he needs to do what I said. Nectar says I need to go to my father, you are my arrangement C, my ace in the hole.

Madhu says the constable swooned us and removed Honey. Rocky says Kumar did this, he executed Jyoti, he planted the bombs in our lodging, the phony police removed Kumar, at that point he assaulted my family to capture Honey. Madhu apologizes and requests that Rocky spare Honey. Harleen says I m to blame, I couldn’t turn into a decent mum. Happy says no Harleen, its nobody’s issue, we didn’t realize that the police officers were phony. Madhu chides Happy. Rocky proceeds to toss things in annoyance. Happy comes to him. He says my Honey, I couldn’t turn into a decent dad, I was constantly inconsiderate to him, I m an awful man, You left me, Chintu, Biji and after that father likewise left me, on the off chance that anything happens to Honey, I won’t most likely pardon myself. Happy says I have returned to you, even Honey will return, we will send Kumar to imprison. She embraces him. Harleen stresses when auditor asks over the enhancements courses of action. She supposes Meenu did this.

She says how could you accuse me. He says I was asking who was the incharge. Happy says I was in charge of the improvements, Harleen knew nothing, she didn’t go into props room. Harleen thinks in the event that I come clean, I will lose Rocky always, no, I can’t lose him like this, I just have one opportunity to get Rocky’s adoration. Rocky gets Honey’s call. Nectar says please spare me. Kumar says I revealed to you Rocky, my central goal isn’t finished. Rocky says render retribution on me, do you need cash, I will give you cash, leave Honey. Kumar says I was doing this to spare youth from medications compulsion, you realize I was doing this to murder the clergyman, simply don’t tell the police, get the weapon and shoot the pastor, on the off chance that you need to spare Honey, you need to do this, would you like to spare that priest or your child, you need to choose now, none should think about this call, don’t think much. He closures call. Harleen asks what did he say. Madhu requests that he spare Honey. Rocky conceals it from the police. Happy thinks Rocky is concealing something.

Precap: Rocky goes to meet the pastor. Happy thinks how to discover the pastor.


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