Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rocky turns and sees Happy. She asks what are you stowing away. He says I have no time, let me go. She checks the telephone. He grabs it. Her finger gets a cut. He ties a hanky. He says Kumar needs me to shoot the clergyman and slaughter her. She gets stunned. Kumar calls him and requests that he slaughter serve soon. He compromises Rocky. Rocky says I have no opportunity to think now. Kumar says Rocky will without a doubt come, he is Honey’s father. His men see Rocky coming and advise him. Kumar says great. Rocky meets serve and apologizes for the feeble security. She says its fine, you and Happy spared me, I m thankful to you, let me know whether I can help.

Rocky has the firearm with him. She asks what occurred. He says the risk isn’t finished. She gets stressed. He reviews Happy requesting that he get some time until she discovers Honey. He says those individuals are watching out for me, I need to remain here until I get any update. She gestures. Happy gets back home and thinks how to discover Honey. Harleen cries and says I needed to affront you, that crystal gazer woman revealed to me that she will help me in making you away, she made me ruin the props, so I took that woman to the store room, I didn’t realize that she is utilizing me to design the assaults, Honey’s life is in peril today. Happy gets stunned. Harleen says I merit this, I didn’t turn into a decent mum, however I didn’t wish awful for her.

Harleen says you get Honey back. Happy embraces her and consoles. She says their arrangement will help us in arriving at Honey, we will follow their number. She gets the number followed. The man tracks the number and tells Happy. Kumar converses with his men. Happy says I can’t tell police, on the off chance that Kumar knows, at that point… no I will proceed to discover where is Honey. Harleen says I will go along, I would prefer not to commit more errors, I need to assume this liability, I got occupied in loathing you, I didn’t concentrate on Honey. Harleen says I know my misstep, I need an opportunity to redress it. Happy says fine, however nothing ought to turn out badly there.

Kumar asks Honey for what valid reason is he crying, his father will come and spare him. Nectar says let me go. Kumar says we will play a game, on the off chance that I win, you will call Rocky, on the off chance that you win, I will allow you to free. Kumar and Honey arm wrestler. Kumar wins and says you lost, your father needs to slaughter the pastor now. The man says we will get the old stolen vehicle. Kumar says Rocky can kill serve whenever. Rocky requests that pastor help him. Happy and Harleen come there and see Kumar. The goons get captured. Rocky thanks serve. She says its my obligation, don’t stress. Happy takes Honey. Kumar focuses weapon at Happy. He says I will execute Honey. He takes shots at Honey. Happy ensures Honey. Harleen comes in the middle of and gets shot. Happy kicks Kumar and hits him with the pole. Nectar holds Harleen and weeps for her. He says I m sorry. Harleen says don’t state this. Happy beats Kumar for harming the family. Monitor comes and captures Kumar and his men. Happy says Harleen, Rocky will come, we will take you to clinic. Harleen says no, I constantly abhorred you, as Rocky cherished you, after I go, you guarantee me you will deal with Rocky and Honey, this is my last wish. Happy guarantees Harleen. Harleen kicks the bucket. Happy yells Harleen. Rocky comes and gets stunned seeing this. Nectar embraces Rocky and cries.

Precap: Honey joins Rocky and Happy’s hands. He requests that they please concur and be as one. Happy says no, this won’t occur. Madhu looks on.


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