Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Happy deals with Honey. Madhu looks on. Nectar remains miserable. Happy says Harleen came in my fantasy, she requested that I disclose to you where she is. He asks truly, let me know. She says she requested that I feed you first. He says fine, feed me and after that let me know. She bolsters him. Madhu grins.

Happy says she has turned into a blessed messenger, a genuine one, she said that Honey shouldn’t remain miserable else she will get tragic. He says I will never make her pitiful. She requests that he remain Happy. Rocky looks on and goes. Cheerful comes to him and requests that he have sustenance. He won’t. She asks him will he break his guarantee to Harleen. He says she cherished me and attempted to win my affection, I generally offended her, I never gave her rights, I couldn’t turn into a decent spouse and great father, you know when I was dependent on medications, Harleen remained by me and, after its all said and done I didn’t treat her well, I constantly accused her, I was certainly not a decent father, I couldn’t spare her, I loathe myself.

She says we can’t change the past, we can improve the coming future, utilize your time and vitality to make Honey’s future great, you need to turn out to be best dad for Honey, he merits all the joy and love. Madhu looks on. Cheerful feeds him sustenance. Madhu proceeds to consider Happy. She says I constantly accused her, I lost everything, I have nothing with me on account of my contempt.

Its morning, Madhu and Honey say we will do this, it can occur. She requests that Honey go. Nectar says I m going to class. Rocky asks without uniform. Madhu comes and asks what occurred, didn’t you enlighten Rocky regarding school work. They leave.

Nectar returns and cries. Rocky asks what occurred. Nectar says no, Happy is going until the end of time. Madhu cries. Happy asks what, Rocky is leaving. She goes. Madhu says plan worked. Rocky asks how is she leaving. Nectar says she went to inn to express bye to everybody. Rocky surges. Nectar grins. Rocky and Happy meet at the inn.

He asks how might you go, by what method will Sandhya travel, you won’t go anyplace. She says you are going, how could you go this way, I m not going, what occurred, are you not going. He asks are you not going, who let you know. She asks who let you know. Nectar comes and says I don’t need Happy to go anyplace, I adore Khushi heavenly attendant and father additionally cherishes you, father got dismal after mum left, if it’s not too much trouble fill joy in his life, mum solicited you to take care from us, guarantee to consistently remain together, as Sweety and me. Madhu says I comprehended a certain something, your affection didn’t get less, its actual, even I can’t transform it, its destiny. Nectar joins their hands and says I cherish you, remain Happy together.

Happy says this can’t occur, you have me and you mum, two holy messengers, we will be with you. Rocky says she is correct, we can’t join together, presently I m your father and mum. He embraces Honey. Cheerful goes.

Precap: Rocky says she needs to go, let her go, overlook Happy. Madhu requests that he tune in. Rocky observes a delightful shock by Happy. She proposes him for marriage.


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