Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rocky getting Honey home. Madhu says let him be, he had his reality with you and Happy, where are you going presently, answer me first, for what reason did you do this, we realize you adore Happy a great deal, when we needed you to proceed onward, you moved back, for what reason did you hurt Honey’s heart.

Rough says you are the reason that Happy and I aren’t as one, you have addressed her discourteously and reviled her, how did your heart liquefy. Madhu says I warded off her for your satisfaction, however were you glad, your and Honey’s bliss is everything for me, I need to see you upbeat, so I can’t release Happy, its opportunity to correct missteps, pardon me. He says Happy wouldn’t like to be with me.

She says no, that time was extraordinary. She says no, I have seen her affection for Honey, she is the equivalent Happy, she is leaving me again, she had chosen the destiny of our connection alone, she didn’t ask me, she didn’t give me opportunity to state, I can do this for her, I can release her, overlook her, Happy and Rocky can never be as one, it was the past. Madhu says hear me out Rocky

Cheerful considers Rocky. Saansein kho gai… .plays… Happy lies in Sandhya’s lap and says I adore Rocky a great deal, I have constantly harmed him, when Honey requested that me and Rocky remain together, he didn’t utter a word, regardless of whether he excuses me, his mum will never pardon me, we will always be unable to give a cheerful family to Honey. Sandhya says don’t lose heart Happy.

Glad says you called me Happy. Sandhya says when you got irritated, you generally rest in my lap, its simple to wind up upbeat, do what your heart says, couldn’t care less about the world, our heart consistently realizes what’s appropriate for us and what’s going on, our heart doesn’t enable us to take an inappropriate choice, leave this on your heart. Madhu asks what occurred.

Nectar inquires as to for what reason did Happy will not remain with father, she wouldn’t like to live with us. Madhu says its not your misstep.

Madhu says don’t think so and embraces Honey. She says individuals think a great deal and make things troublesome, we will love you a ton. Rough looks on. Nectar says I need Khushi heavenly attendant with me. Rough says this can’t occur, we won’t discuss it once more, rest now. He goes. Madhu embraces her. Glad says I took the choice pondering me and Rocky, however I didn’t consider Honey, he should resent me, what should I do, I will be consistently with him at whatever point he needs me. Madhu requests that Honey have sustenance. Nectar cannot.

Madhu says you have harmed Honey, his grin has disappeared, you made him dismal, he hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday, sit with him and feed him, you ought to clarify him with adoration. Rough goes to Honey and requests that he have nourishment. Glad comes and looks on.

Rough says Happy remains positive and upbeat consistently, she has the arrangement of each issue. Nectar eats sustenance and says she is extremely a holy messenger. Rough says we used to battle a great deal before we progressed toward becoming companions, I was sorry to her, she instructed me to turn into a decent individual, she had fabricated this lodging, there is nobody like her.

Cheerful considers me. Rough says my Happy battles for any great motivation, I have a thought, we will go out on supper today, our family. Nectar says we will eat a pizza. Glad thinks about Sandhya’s words.

Rough goes to the lodging. Lights jumps on. He sees the flawless enrichments and Happy and his pics playing on the screen. Upbeat comes wearing the dark saree. Khwab sa… .plays… .. Rough takes a gander at her. Humdum unimportant… .plays… . Upbeat says how could we see each other’s heart, we construct this lodging with affection, we were perfect partners, I m exhausted of misleading the world and you that I don’t love you, in all actuality, I can’t survive without you, I cherish you a ton.

She says I attempted to leave however destiny carried me to you, I won’t flee now, I was from you for a long time and misled you, I fouled up, pardon me, I made youextremely upset and trust, I won’t break it now, I won’t flee, on the off chance that you are prepared, I will be with you for eternity. She cries and proposes him. She requests that he state it quick. He says in the event that this is a fantasy, at that point I never need to wake up from rest.

She grins and says this is valid, on the off chance that you concur, at that point it will end up being an excellent reality. He says yes Happy and embraces her. Meri raahein… .plays… . Rough and Happy get hitched. Madhu says you both got hitched in the court, I will greet my bahu in a stupendous way. She does their grahpravesh. Nectar embraces them and invites. Rough says at last, we are as one. Rough jokes about her long name and they grin. They live joyfully ever after.

The show finishes on an upbeat note.


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