Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 9th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Omkar coming domestic as a tantric baba. GST and Omkar fool Maya and Mangal. Omkar says I recognise about Jaya struggling here, i will assist her. GST boasts lots and does over drama. Omkar asks him no longer to talk a lot, else they may get stuck. Nandu jokes on him. GST asks Omkar to come back. Chachi asks GST is he wondering to grow to be a baba too. GST says sure I don’t have any alternative, I m finding my dad in all of the baba. Chachi sees Omkar and says Chammak Challo, I notion he’s your dad. Omkar says i can show you all a miracle after treating Jaya.

Mangal asks why didn’t Omkar come if he has sent this baba. GST asks how will he come, he’s a busy guy, he works inside the financial institution, don’t you consider me. Mangal says i can name Omkar. Omkar issues. GST stops Mangal. Gupta comes and says we don’t need any baba now, its only a manner to loot money. Omkar says I received’t take cash, tell me wherein is the affected individual and the location in which black magic occurred. Maya tells him about Jaya’s room.

Shivika comes. GST says don’t inform whatever, baba is irritated, he offers curses. He asks Omkar to calm down. Shivika says we can’t go away Jaya alone with him. Omkar says consider me, i’m able to make the entirety best. Maya gets Omkar to Jaya. Jaya acts and thinks to teach Alankar’s tantric a lesson. She asks who is he. Maya says he is a big tantric. Omkar asks Maya to exit. He shuts the door. Jaya asks him to forestall the drama. She says you won’t get any money, inform me who has sent you. He says i have come by myself, your sister in regulation did black magic on you right. She says you don’t do any drama, just name Alankar and make me talk to him. He asks her to call. She asks him to tell own family that Shivika did black magic on her, she wants to make Shivika out of the residence. He receives shocked and says its incorrect responsible her, what did she do with you. She asks him now not to educate her. She pulls his beard. She gets stunned seeing Omkar.

Maya says i hope Jaya receives exceptional. Gupta says you all were given mad, you left stranger baba inner Jaya’s room. Chachi says this time, baba will make Jaya exceptional. Omkar asks why did you do that. He gives her smartphone and says I had visible Alankar’s call and understood that Alankar is behind this, I knew you don’t like Shivika, however you hate her a lot, Shivika used to cry seeing your kingdom. Jaya says forgive me. Omkar says you did this with Alankar. She says no, I had no choice than you do this, he said he will kill you. Omkar asks what, why might he kill me. She says for Shivika, he loves her and may do something for her. She says i was helpless to do that, Shivika is ideal, I did this to store your existence, I blamed her to make her out of the house, you may punish me, i can’t let whatever occur to you. He says you can have told me.

Jaya says Alankar is suggest, he has kept an eye on us, he would have killed you. Omkar asks why did Alankar run from mandap if he desired to marry Shivika. She says i used to be scared, he threatened to kill Mikki additionally. He says you did wrong with the aid of hiding this from us, you recognize what’s Shivika going via. She says I did a massive mistake. He says now we are able to use Alankar, we could end this drama, behave regular out of doors, simply do as I inform all of us. Omkar gets Jaya there and says Jaya is pleasant, there may be not anything like black magic and ghosts, Jaya had a mental disease, she changed into disturbed. He asks them no longer to support any fraud babas. Shivika appears at him. Omkar says Jaya is nice, she wishes relaxation and love, deal with her as if not anything happened. all people smiles. Omkar says don’t fall in any tantric trap again, I m no longer a baba. Nandu asks who are you. Omkar says medical doctor plus baba. He goes. everybody meets Jaya and locate her excellent. Jaya apologizes to anybody and acts to cry. Gupta says its first-class, no want to say sorry, you didn’t do anything deliberately, forget it now.

Precap: Jaya says I gained’t assist you. Alankar asks how will I manipulate then. Omkar information their communication in their telephone.


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