Dilli Darlings 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Seema is searching for a dress yet can’t discover it, she at that point heads to her little girl room as she most likely is aware it will be with her, when she goes into the room is in finished chaos, she blows up and begins a warmed discussion with her little girl which does not end will, she leaves the room pursued by her little girl.

Pooja is looking her Almirah’s for dresses yet can’t succeed so she demands Deepshika to accompany her, she concurs as then she will most likely discover what Pooja will wear, she goes with her to a shop and is left dazed, she needs to purchase the whole store, they get occupied in looking and Pooja takes a dress which Deepshika needs to purchase anyway she doesn’t get it in light of the fact that Deepshika is with her, they at that point intend to leave the store and quest some more before leaving for their homes.

Pari is in a store and considers calling her companion as she lives close to the store, so she calls her and furthermore welcomes her as she will likewise acquaint her with her companions, she says that she will initially attempt to persuade her better half Dilip, she believes that she will cause him to comprehend and acknowledge the welcome.

Sona goes into the house, her little girl is leaving with her children, she requests that her stay state-of-the-art and be fit as a fiddle, she takes her to excellence parlor to get dressed. She totally changes her little girl and after that asks what she looks like.

Another tip top comes into her home and is stunned to see that her child Adi has requested low quality nourishment, she takes it from him and rather gives him natural products, he from the start opposes yet then yields to his mom wishes who requests that he eat organic products, she clarifies that she is likewise quite certain of her eating routine so anticipates that her kids should likewise tail it.

Shalo is in her home she is attempting to spoil her better half into tolerating her solicitation he anyway decreases saying that he has a great deal of work and won’t almost certainly go with her, she at that point request that her little girl go with her however faces dismissal, her significant other at that point in the end surrenders to her solicitation yet consents to go with her for just two days.

Pooja returns to the shop to take the dress since she expected that Deepshika probably won’t let her. Get it, she takes it and in the wake of getting back in the vehicle she is certain enough that her companion wouldn’t fret as she will comprehend that pooja loved it thus purchased the dress.

Manya returns home, she is holding the blessing which she purchased for him, she is extremely energized that he will like it howler he gives her a virus answer which truly enrages her to the degree that she needs to shout, he is anyway believing that he will give her a considerably greater astonishment which will be a reason for incredible bliss for her,.

Precap: Manyas spouse at last gives her a definitive shock which leaves everybody in absolute astonishment, they all begins the gathering and have a ton of fun.


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