Diplomatic Message To China Yet Emphasis On Future Transparent Policy To Deal With Covid 19

Covid 19 has shaken the roots of the world’s health and economic system in just three months. It is now clear that this epidemic is going to have a huge impact on the world’s diplomatic environment as well. US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, together with foreign ministers of India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Israel and Brazil, has given the biggest message to China so far. In the meeting, the issue of more transparency regarding Covid 19 came up. The discourse, called on Pompeo’s request, is seen as the next phase of the US President Donald Trump’s strategy of continuously targeting China.

According to a press release issued by the US State Department, Secretary Pompeo discussed the issue of international cooperation, transparency and responsibility in the fight against Covid 19 in a meeting with the foreign ministers of the above six countries. The topic of future health crisis and the establishment of a lawful international system has also been discussed between them. “Needless to say that the said statement of the US State Department is completely targeting China. The US has been continuously accusing China of not acting transparently about the Covid 19 and not informing the world about the epidemic in time. Apart from the US, Japan’s Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu and the Australian Foreign Minister Ms. Maris Payne have also spoken about the transparent treatment of Covid 19.

The scope of the meeting was more than Covid 19

This is for the first time that the US has gathered together some key countries to discuss the Covid 19. But the scope of this meeting has been wider than Covid 19. The statement of the US State Department clearly indicates that the issue of South China Sea has also been raised in this. Regarding the encroachment of China, America has always been saying that there should be a lawful system. India, Japan, South Korea and Australia also agree with the US position in South China Sea. A framework for negotiating a new cooperation between the US, Japan, Australia and India has also been prepared.

Complete attention should be given to the end of Covid 19

India is still not playing its cards openly about this. India’s strategy is currently avoiding showing any sarcasm about its neighbor China. India’s official view is that the end of Covid 19 should be given full attention. What role a country has played can be talked about later. Although India has targeted Chinese companies by changing its FDI policy, China has also reacted sharply to this. There have also been reports of some skirmishes on the international border between the armies of both the countries. Despite this, India does not want to stand before China on the issue of Covid 19. On Tuesday also, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, after consulting with the foreign ministers of five countries, tweeted that a detailed virtual meeting was held on the challenges of Kovid virus. Apart from dealing with this epidemic, there have also been discussions about meeting economic challenges and travel regulations. Such discussion will continue in future also.


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