Hirokazu Shiratori
“Shoplifting family” shines at the Japan Film Awards and Director Hirokazu Shirabe who took the awards ceremony

Film director Hirokaze Yoshie attended the awards ceremony of “The 73rd Daily Film Competition” held in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture on 14th. ” Shoplifting family ” is questioned about being nominated for the 91st Academy Award for Foreign Language Film Awards, “Since there is a strong work for nomination this time, let’s participate with a comfortable feeling official I feel like that. ”

In addition to the 73th Daily Film Competition, “The Shoplifting Family”, Ando Sakura was the actress starring prize, and Mr. Noboru Tree , who passed away last September , won the actress support award and conquered three divisions. The way of winning a foreign language film award at the 91st Academy Awards held on February 25 in Japan time has been drawing attention.

“We are very pleased with the prize at the film contest every day,” I am really proud of being here for coming along with the praise of the actor, “he said with a tree I looked back deeply and deeply the memories of.

After that, topics went to the Academy Awards. When the reporter asked “What is the probability of winning?”, “I heard a percentage somewhere during this period, but I have not been standing in that place considering that much,” and a troubled face. According to the results, he emphasized that he was pleased that he was pleased that he was able to participate in the Academy Awards, “I was able to participate in the process leading up to the nomination of the Academy Awards, I am stimulating and it is a good experience.”

Director Shigeta himself seems to expect that ” ROMA / Roma ” and ” COLD WAR that song, two hearts ” is the favorite, “It is an honor to have their works aligned with such works” A smile. He said that he will attend the awards ceremony and introduce the schedule of the future, saying, “There is something like a director’s symposium nominated for a foreign language movie prize from now.” About the next work I also reported that “I am editing it since I photographed Catherine · Deneuve, Juliet · Vinosch, Ethan · Hawk with a new work last December and December in Paris”.

At the end, he was asked “Will you work overseas?” However, “I want to do what I can do in Japan for a while because there are many themes and actors I’d like to take in Japan” I was answering.


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