Disha Patani made these dangerous stunts, more than 20 million views Viral Video
Disha Patani played an important role in ‘Bharat’. Salman Khan had an important role in this film besides him.

Actress Disha Patni once again acted in Actual Action in ‘Bharat’ via Circus. It is worth mentioning that Patni has shared a video on social media in that she is without any support. Back flip hit

After uploading this Disha Dishaal video to social media, it has become very rapidly viral.

It is worth mentioning that Patni is very cautious about her fitness and is also sweating heavily in the gym to stay fit. Apart from this she also shares social media on social media and shares it on social media. This video is social Sharing the media, Patni wrote in the Disha, “This is the first attempt to hit backflip. I still need to do a lot of work but at least my fears are far away. I have been changing every day of life. Besides, I’m stubborn.

Directed by Patni recently, the film was seen in India. In this film, she played the role of a girl working in the circus. Many people looking at this video will suppress the fingers under the teeth. While watching backfilm, Patni is seen full of self-confidence in the Disha of this film. Since the time the video has been uploaded on the social media by Patni, then since then the fans of the Disha are constantly commenting on it.

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This video has seen more than 13 lakh views so far. It was reported recently that Patni and Tiger Shroff have been broken down, but both of them have been spotted together lately.


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