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Rakshit helps Drishti in sprucing up on the grounds that she has gauze on her hand. Rakshit approaches her. Shekhar says I needed to be with somebody who was superior to Pisachin. She says I don’t trust you. This isn’t the appropriate response. She says you’re not the genuine shekhar. Where is the genuine shekhar who met me in the vehicle in adolescence? Where is he? You are an inquiry yourself.

Rakshit touches drishti’s face. Mahima says Rakshit your father is calling you ground floor. Rakshit pulls drishti close. He says we need to go. Chetan says Pisachini couldn’t join the ratans. Drishti and divya see the star. Charanjeet says she can’t join the ratan. In the event that she doesn, she will be the most dominant. Drishit says that implies we have room schedule-wise to recover the kaal vijay.

Pisachini is callnig kaal devta. Kaal devta comes and demonstrates her a letter. Divya and Drishti are tryin to enter Pisacini’s cavern. Drishti attempts to discover what’s going on with she. Kaal brings Bichu back. He says you dont’ have time You need to get the maha powers. You will have three levels to cross. Each woudl accompany an insight. Pisachini says you kicked the bucket. Bichu says I went to hellfire however then returned. Bichu peruses the clue, one life consequently of another. It is the place the unadulterated flame is, pick it. He says I’m not catching it’s meaning? She says I dont know either.

They all attempt to enter the entryway. They come in and see it’s everything dull. They see consumed papers. DDrishti says is there an intimation I it? Rakshit contacts the paper pieces, it joins together. Romi says something is composed on it. Drishit peruses the piece of information that bichu read.

Mahima Chetan and everybody read it. Mahima attempts to disclose it to them. She says this clue may get us the primary ratan. Pisachini hears them talking. Mahima says it is connected in some way or another to your mom divya drishti.

Rakshit says we should go there to pick that fire. Mahima says no one but ladies can go there. Drshti says then I will go. Mahima says I will go as well. Divya says me as well. Chetan says deal with yourself Mahima. I got you after years. Shekhar says to Divya fare thee well. She says I will believe you when I find about the genuine shekhar. She leaves.

Rakshit says to Drishti take care . He fills her hairline. Rakshit says if there is peril, it would be ideal if you face it. Good karma, I am sitting tight for you. Kaal begins his enchantment. Chetan hers something. Somebody comes in his room. Shekhar says did any of them call you? It would be ideal if you told me. chetan says this nooise.. shekhar says I can’t hear anything.

The ladies are in wilderness. Mahima says you go, I can’t walk this quick. drishti says we wont’ disregard you. Divya says we lost our mom, we disregarded her. We wont’ disregard you. Drishti says I will go in the sanctuary. Divya says why? Drishti says in light of the fact that I am senior. Mahima says then me? Drishit says I am your DIl, I can’t chance another mothers’ life.

Drishit says in heart somebody was tailing us, I will confront whoever is there in the cavern. Rakshit says to romi we ought to likewise go. Romi says I am languid. Rakshti says would you say you are insane? Shekhar says he is futile. Rakshti says keep your telephone on. Romi says if Divya calls, I will tell you shekhar says she would call me. Romi says we will see.

Pisachini and Bichu stop their direction. Drishit says move. I haev the ratans. Divya says they are still not yours. We have powers that you can’t confront. Pisacini pushes them. she says where is my ratna. A diminutive person takes the ratan. Pisachini says return my ratans. He gives just two. She says give me my ratan. He says I am the defender of this cavern. Pisachini says I dont’ care your identity give me my ratan and disclose to me where is akhand jhot. Go bring it for me. Bichy says offer it to me. The diminutive person pushes bichy. He moes a divider with his capacity. There is akhand write. Pisachini says I am comin. He lights a flame. He says one life must be relinquished before entering. Master ji made this standard. Divya says what.. He says you need to offer penance to get the ratn. He vanishes. Mahima says execute me. Divya says no. Drishit says no. Bichy says what should we do. Pisachini says I will discover an answer. divya says I will give my life. drishit says no. Drishit says I will do everything here. They all battle. Drishti is going. Divya stops her with her forces. She says you can’t do this.

Precap: Pisachini gives bichu’s qurbani and gets the ratan.


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