Divya Drishti 13th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Drishti bouncing into the passing great. Pishachini requests that her leave is she needs to remain alive. Pishachini gets strained on not discovering her memento.

Drishti grasps the memento. Divya recovers her forces and assaults Pishachini. Divya and Drishti slither up the well.

Pishachini chooses to look for Mohanna’s assistance. Mohanna utilizes her forces on everybody and eradicates their memory.

Toward the beginning of the day, Divya and Drishti get weird sentiments of closeness however neglect to review anything inferable from Mohanna’s spell.

Rakshit approaches Drishti and reminds her about the guarantee she made to him before.

Mahima asks Drishti to hand over her kundali to her.

Drishti says she has lost her kundali. Mahima requests to reveal to her introduction to the world date to her.

Drishti’s receptive family comes to Shergill house. Fortunate portrays the whole story of Drishti’s past. Rakshit underpins Drishti.

Pishachini plans to learn if Drishti is the enchanted twin or not.

Shergill family’s women compose the first rasoi service for the recently married ladies. Divya discovers that PA’s name is Drishti. Drishti concocts a story.

Pishachini discloses to Shikhar that she will slaughter Divya. Pishachini cuts Shikhar with a blade.

Precap Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: Divya assaults Drishti erroneously


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