Divya Drishti 14th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Divya Drishti 14 Apr episode begins with Lavanya endeavoring to awe Rakshit. Rakshit asks Drishti to arrange sustenance from an inn.

Drishti says she will oversee everything on herself.

Shikhar returns home in the harmed state. Divya and others surge towards him. Pishachini comes there in a hidden look.

Pishachini tells the relatives that a few goons cut Rakshit and she saved him. Aish presents Pishachini as her cousin, Pritam.

Divya gets stressed on observing Shikhar. Drishti supports her. Drishti neglects to comprehend why she didn’t see Shikhar’s future.

Simran advises Drishti-Rakshit and Divya-Shikhar to come ground floor wearing their wedding clothing for the satsang.

Shergill family sings and moves to the tune of religious melodies.

Shikhar longs for in torment. Divya causes him in dressing his injury.

Shikhar flees. Pishachini wears Shikhar’s clothing and surges towards Divya. Drishti sees the look at somebody cutting Divya.

Drishti comes to Divya and cautions her against the danger. Divya says how she can see what’s to come. Drishti discloses to her that she is her sister.

Erroneously, Divya utilizes her forces on Drishti and tosses her down the structure. Pishachini comes to assault Divya.

Divya discovers that Drishti is her sister and utilizations forces to spare her from falling.

Lavanya comes there and asks Divya to flee. Pishachini states that Lavanya is the otherworldly twin.

Precap Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: Divya and Drishti get along to discover the guilty party.


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