Divya Drishti 14th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Divya Drishti 14 Sep episode begins with Shergill relatives hurling a moan of help on observing Drishti and Divya. They bounce from the structure on Pishachini’s guidelines.

Drishti and Divya utilize their forces to help the relatives and drive them back to the patio. Pishachini exhaust in resentment. She questions about the two sisters from the Shergill family.

The relatives will not advise anything to Pishachini. Pishachini undermines the relatives yet stops when Rakshit comes there.

Drishti catchs Mahima and says that she will consistently spare them. Mahima gets panicky. Drishti comforts her.

Pishachini makes spiked lassi for the Shergill relatives. Divya watches out for her. Afterward, Divya reveals to Drishti that she has supplanted the spiked lassi and furthermore charmed Raingini.

The Shergill relatives start snickering and burping subsequent to drinking the lassi. Pishachini blows up. Drishti and Divya pour the spiked lassi in the sink.

Pishachini discovers Raingini. She gets suspicious about Drishti and Divya playing their games against her. Fiendish Pishachini solidifies everybody in the Shergill house.

She says every one of the individuals will bite the dust in 12 hours on the off chance that they will won’t advise her about their guardian angel. She again discharges everybody.

Drishti gets stressed when she discovers all the relatives developing old. She gets panicky. Romi acts oddly and starts eating modak.

Divya gets stunned when she discovers Romi transforming into his typical self on eating the modak. Drishti and Divya feed the modaks to other Shergill relatives however they neglect to transform into their young symbols.

Raingini reveals to Pishachini that she supplanted the genuine modaks. Drishti and Divya associate with Chiranjeev. He encourages them to discover how Pishachini makes the lassi.

Stay Tuned With Us To Know What Will Happen Next In The Divya Drishti.

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