Divya Drishti 15th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Divya Drishti 15 Sep episode begins with Simran and Rashi choosing to uncover the names of the individuals who halted them tumbling from the porch.

Them two methodology Pishachini to tell the names however Pishachini requests that they carry the women to the nursery.

Here Romi, Divya, and Drishti choose to locate the mystery about how Pishachini makes the lassi.

Romi becomes more acquainted with about Simran and Rashi’s arrangement and diverts them not to uncover the names of Divya and Drishti to Pishachini.

In the mean time, Rakshit gets appended by Kaal Dev and Drishti spares him.

Pishachini blows up on Romi and others for not uncovering the names.

Meanwhile, Divya and Drishti get Raingini in a jug and demolish the tree which has red soil however the tree returns alive.

Pishachini demonstrates her third eye to everybody who isn’t a piece of Shergill’s family and drive them away.

Pishachini asks Divya and Drishti to serve the lassi that she naturally made.

Be that as it may, Divya and Drishti make an arrangement which will make Raingini eat the tree Because of this, everybody from Shergill’s family returns back to their typical look and age.

Every one of them blow up on Pishachini and toss a great deal of lassi on her.

Simultaneously, Divya and Drishti demonstrate their genuine face to Pishachini.

Stay Tuned With Us To Know What Will Happen Next In The Divya Drishti.

Precap Upcoming Divya Drishti episoe update: Rashit agrees with on Pishachini’s position and Pishachini undermines Divya and Drishti that she has more power than any time in recent memory due to Rashit.

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