Divya Drishti 17th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Divya Drishti 17 Aug episode begins with Pishachini chatting with Vetaal. Vetaal prevents Pishachini from going inside on the grounds that she doesn’t have a partner.

Drishti comes there alongside Rakshit and solicitations Vetaal to release her inside. Vetaal concurs as she has a partner.

Monkey man assaults Shergill relatives. The animal throttles Rashi however Chetan comes and hits him hard on his head.

Divya and others trap Monkey man inside a sac. They lock him in the storeroom.

Vetaal gives a kamandal to Drishti which will help her in accomplishing the subsequent mission. Rakshit vanishes from sight.

Vetaal produces three reproductions of Rakshit before Drishti and requests that her distinguish her unique spouse. He even reveals to her that in the event that she will pick an inappropriate individual, Rakshit will bite the dust.

Divya and Chetan get stunned to discover Shikhar bolted inside the pantry. The relatives educate him concerning the monkey man.

Shikhar says he was secured in the cabinet by somebody. They question Romi behind all the turmoil.

Drishti chooses to bounce off from the patio just with a goal to discover genuine Rakshit. Rakshit comes and prevents Drishti from falling.

All the relatives blame Romi for being the monkey man. Drishti and Rakshit come back to Shergill house.

Divya plays damru to uncover the monkey man. Regrettably, Shikhar comes in his unique monkey man symbol.

Divya plays damru to get back to Shikhar in the house. Shikhar demands everybody to spare him from turning into the monkey man.

Pishachini comes to Shergill house. Rakshit and Divya counter her. Drishti sprinkles the kamandal water on Shikhar.

Some time back: Shikhar comes in his genuine symbol before Pishachini. He discloses to her that he progressed toward becoming monkey man just for the forces.

Shikhar includes that he is faking affection to Divya to satisfy his mystery intention. Shikhar helps Pishachini in seizing the genuine kamandal.

Present: Pishachini gloats about her accomplishment before Kaal Devta. She illuminates the forces of her jewel.

Precap Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: Pishachini plans a bomb impact.


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