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Rakshit says wow my better half has turned out to be daring. Mahima says I can cause you to eat. Rakshit says I will. Magma says you are my significant other. Divya says she lost her eyes. Magma says so she is your sister. Divya tosses something on her.

Rakshit makes Drishti eat. Simran picks the sweet container. Magma says give me the container. Ojaswani says for what reason would you say you are yelling at her? She can take this. Magma says give me the treat. She takes it from Simran. Simran takes a few confections from her. Drishti says to Raksit let me see Simran. He says however you are not well. She says so isn’t simran and pisachini did it to us.

Drishit goes to simran’s room. Simran eats every one of the confections. She eats ratan as well. Drishit says drink water. Simran says I need to rest. You stay here. drishti sits with siran.

Divya says how might we lose that ratan. Rakshit says if piscahini got it we would all have been dead by no. Rakshit says drishit.. She was in SSimran’s room. Drishti strolls from Simran’s room. She turns out.

Rakshit comes to drishti. He says in the event that you can’t see, you can hear. Concentrate on different faculties. You need to remain solid. Drishti says I hear water pool is before me you are at my backk. He makes her wear her studs. Rkshit says you shouldn’t something be said about your feeling of smell? She says your fragrance can disclose to me where you are. Rakshit holds her midriff. Rakshit says what was the deal? She says I can hear your pulse. Rakshit says we will discover the ratan. We have made an arrangement.

Shekhar makes statements have been so awful. Would we be able to host a gathering in this house? Mahima says what? Drishti lost her eyes. Shouldn’t we have a go at finding the ratan? Divya says its alright we can party. It is a covered gathering. Mahima says would you say you are generally arranging something? OK I will tell everybody.

Laava takes a gander at simi and says she ate the ratan? Pisachini says ye as a result of you. Go to her room. Magma says simi I got you blessing. simi sees pischini and shouts. Pisachini quiets her down. Simi says you are so clever. Pisachini says you will haev all the balance. Magma makes Simi wear glasses and coat. Simi goes out. Pisachini says she will impact. at that point that ratan will leave er body.

The gathering begins. Mahima accompanies her significant other. Everybody wears covers. Rakshit has called entertainers.

Dirshit is in her room. She says who is here. Pisachini says celebrating? There would be an impact in this house. You will all observe it. You won’t almost certainly stop it. Drishti says what’s going on with you. Pisachini says somebody is kicking the bucket today. Drishti comes to Divya. She says I need to disclose to you something.

Shekhar and Rakshit move on the floor. Rakshit asks Drishti would you say you are alright? She says I need to disclose to you something. Romi says please accompany me quick. Raksshit leaves. Simin moves around wearing coat and scarf. She crashes into drishti. Drishti feels something. She hears her anklet. Drishti searches for rakshit romi or drishti. Drishti is concerned.

Drishti pursues the anklet and says who is here? Drishit says who is it? Simran runs. Divya says what occurred. Drishti says somebody was here. she was wearing anklet. Pisachini revealed to me somebody will have a fabulous time. Divya says there is something yellow all over. Dirshit says somebody will impact something. It would be ideal if you discover it.

Magma begins moving. Divya discloses to Drishti she is carrying on odd. Drishti says somebody’s life is in a difficult situation. There is anklet commotion with that individual. Divya and Drishti move. Magma swoons. She transforms into a reptile. She says they all wore peacock cover since reptiles are frightened of peakcock.

Precap: Charanjeet tells Divya drishti that Simi’s body would impact. You have just 24 hours to spare her.


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