Divya Drishti 21st September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Divya Drishti 21 Sep episode begins with Pishachini instituting before Rakshit as an injured individual.

Rakshit questions Drishti and Divya about their personality. Drishti vapor in indignation on observing Rakshit supporting Pishachini.

Mahima prevents Drishti from addressing Rakshit. Pishachini ridicules at Drishti on the disappointment of her marriage. She says they can never overcome her.

Divya challenges Pishachini that she can never take their forces from them. Pishachini says she needn’t bother with their forces as she currently has authority over Rakshit.

Pishachini lashes out at Raingini for not having the option to recognize Drishti and Divya. She assaults Raingini yet Kaal devta isolates them.

Kaal devta encourages Pishachini to get pregnant with Rakshit’s tyke as this is the main path left to get the superpowers. Drishti, Divya, and Romi make a decent attempt to draw induction from Pishachini’s admonitions yet neglect to do as such.

Mahima comes and reveals to them that Pishachini will have the option to get Rakshit’s forces just on the off chance that she bears his kid in her belly. Drishti gets panicky and goes to Rakshit’s room.

She demands Rakshit not to remain with Pishachini. Drishti starts crying. Rakshit embraces her. The two offer a passionate minute. Pishachini enthralls Divya while she comes to discover Drishti.

Shergill relatives get stressed when Pishachini educates them over Drishti and Divya’s capturing. All the relatives start looking for them.

Pishachini secures Drishti and Divya a trunk. She spells the storage compartment such that no one could see the two sisters with the exception of Pishachini herself.

The relatives head for Ganesh visarjan. Pishachini carries the storage compartment alongside her. Pishachini maneuvers the storage compartment into the water. She dumps them into the water.

Mahima understands that Drishti and Divya are inside the storage compartment which Pishachini has dumped into the water. Pishachini praises her prosperity.

Drishti and Divya battle for their lives inside the suffocating trunk. The storage compartment contacts Lord Ganesha’s venerated image. Drishti and Divya leave the water while Pishachini is pulled inside the water.

Afterward, Rakshit asks about Pishachini from the relatives. Pishachini aches for assistance from Kaal devta who brings her out from the water.

Drishti sees Pishachini’s impression. She solicits Pishachini to come in front from her. Pishachini turns out. Drishti blows up when Pishachini takes Rakshit’s name.

Drishti says we have to discover Pishachini’s guardian angel. Drishti and Divya disclose to Mahima that they have made an ideal arrangement to avoid Pishachini.

Divya searches for Raingini who escapes her. Drishti intentionally stirs something up with Pishachini. Then, Mahima takes Rakshit out from the room.

Precap Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: No Precap. Stay Tuned With Us To Know What Will Happen Next In The Divya Drishti.


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