Divya Drishti 23rd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Divya Drishti 23 Mar episode begins with Rakshit and Drishti moving into an argument. Drishti faints. Shikhar holds her and prevents her from falling down. Shikhar takes care of Drishti.

Pishachini attempts to get in the room. Tara and Champa seize her and begin thinking her. Pishachini fools them.

Shikhar announces his wedding ceremony and says he’ll also tie the marriage knot these days. Shikhar shocks all and sundry by means of telling that he will marry Drishti.

Rakshit gets angry on Shikhar and walks away. He questions Shikhar over his decision. before Shikhar should say some thing, Drishti intervenes.

Chiranjeev sees Pishachini within the house. He starts offevolved following her.

Drishti involves Divya’s room. Divya scoffs her for marrying Shikhar. Drishti seeks a desire from Divya. Shikhar and Rakshit get dressed in similar apparel.

The brides and the grooms come to the marriage mandap.

The marriage rituals start.

Pisachini ka evil swag + Daayan ki buri nazar = Divya aur Drishti ka sarvanaash? #DivyaDrishti, Tonight at 7pm on StarPlus and HotStar: #SangitaGhosh @aslimonalisa @sana_sayyad29 @nyra_banerjee #Tellyupdatesme

Chiranjeev sees Pishachini round Rakshit’s room. He enters the room and starts offevolved searching for the thing which Pishachini wants. He receives the locket.

Pishachini comes there. He refuses to give her the locket. Pishachini throttles Chiranjeev. Pishachini threatens him to inform her about Drishti.

Rakshit receives taken aback to see Drishti as his bride. In his anger, Rakshit fills Drishti’s hairline with numerous sindur.

Pishachini kills Chiranjeev through dropping him down from the peak.

In the night, Rakshit lashes out at Drishti for fooling him. Rakshit questions Drishti. He gets irritated on Drishti for fending off his marriage proposals in advance.

Shikhar tells Divya that he is married to her. Divya gets greatly surprised.

Precap Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: Pishachini tells Shikhar to kill Divya.


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