Divya Drishti 24th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Divya Drishti 24 Aug episode begins with the festivals of Shergill relatives. Pishachini comes masked as an artist of the troupe. While moving, Drishti and Divya perceive Pishachini.

Drishti advises Rakshit about the equivalent. He neglects to move in view of the mysterious strands folded over his hands by Pishachini.

Vetaal additionally goes to the gathering in the hidden symbol of a joker. Drishti and Divya tail him. All the relatives get stressed on observing their hands choked.

Pishachini plays the damru to call Shikhar. Shikhar begins coming in his monkey man symbol. Romi endeavors to stop him. Shikhar comes in his monkey man symbol and throttles Romi.

Shikhar uncovers his actual aims before Romi and states that he is Pishachini’s ally. He takes Romi alongside him.

Drishti reveals to Divya that we have to spare the lives of the youngsters who are with Vetaal. Vetaal revels the children in a game.

Vetaal informs Drishti concerning a question and requests that her comprehend it before the body portions of the children evaporate. Drishti and Divya get panicky.

Pishachini comes in her genuine symbol before everybody at the occasion. She taunts at Rakshit for not having the option to counter her assault.

Drishti figures out how to split the question and spare the children. Then, Rakshit liberates himself just as the various individuals from Pishachini’s strands.

Vetaal again mistakes Drishti for his conundrum consequently of the children’s opportunity. Drishti and Divya spare the lives of two additional children.

They search for different children in the structure. Likewise, Rakshit pays special mind to Shikhar and Romi. Shikhar assaults the individuals in his monkey man symbol.

Aish attempts to stop Shikhar yet the entirety of her endeavors go futile. Monkey man uncovers that he isn’t the genuine Shikhar as he was supplanted by Pishachini in his adolescence.

Shikhar educates them about the implantation regarding the bomb in the structure. Rakshit informs Drishti and Divya concerning the equivalent.

Drishti and Divya pursue Vetaal when they see him alongside children. Pishachini plays damru and gets out for monkey man.

Pishachini asks the monkey man to watch out for Drishti and Divya and prevent them from bombing her arrangement.

Precap Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: The bomb impact hits Drishti and Divya


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