Divya Drishti 24th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Shachini. She meets Aish and her husband. they’re assisting her to find Divya and Drishti.

Shachini receives tensed as her powers begin to fade.

All grown-up Drishti enters the show. She sees the future via her 1/3 eye and attempts to protect her aunt from getting the electric surprise.

Drishti comes to a decision to discover Divya within the fair as it’s far the total moon night time. Divya comes into the photo. Divya additionally goes to the honest in search of her sister.

Divya and Dristi see every other inside the truthful however fail to understand every different.

Shachini receives a demonstration that Divya and Drishti are someplace close to her. Shachini involves the honest to look the dual sisters.

Drishti sees that a twister is rapid approaching in the direction of the truthful via her 1/3 eye.

just then, Shachini brings a twister inside the fair to find Divya and Drishti.

Drishti touches Divya’s hand and feels her powers. She feels that Drishti touched her and starts finding her.

A female receives stuck underneath a pillar. Divya saves the girl along with her powers. Drishti learns that Divya is doing all this.

Shachini sees the magic and springs right down to find them. Guruji’s area attempts to store Divya and Drishti from Shachini.

Drishti’s cousin brother informs Drishti that she is being referred to as for an interview in Bali. he’s doing all this on guruji’s subject instructions.

Shachini controls Mahima’s thoughts. She freezes the whole thing in the house. Shachini asks Mahima to announce her son’s marriage inside the press conference.

She additionally asks her to reveal the magical locket in front of the digicam.

Divya and Drishti meet on the airport. the two get into an issue concerning the cloth which Divya stole.

Mahima follows all the instructions given by way of Shachini inside the press convention. Divya and Drishti fail to spot the locket.

Rakshit enters the show. Divya sees Rakshit while he is worried in a few adventure stunt.

Drishti sees a hearth coincidence through her 1/3 eye. She learns that Rakshit’s lifestyles is in threat.

The written update of 24 February 2019 Divya Drishti episode full tale ends.

Precap: Drishti sees Rakshit’s future and runs to keep him.


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