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Drishti gets new. Rakshit says do you need assistance? She says no. Rakshit says your catches are tied wrong. He encourages her fix them. Shergill calls Rakshit. He asks Drishti to fare thee well. He leaves. Examiner asks simran who gave everybody poison? SImran acts as she doesn’t have faculties and Dviya moves his seat. He says what’s going on. SImran says hwo would I know? She says I just revealed to all of you the subtleties I knew. Attendants request that they leave. She says there is such a great amount of clamor here. They need to leave.

Drishti sister dozing. Magma comes there. Divya and simran are in one live with all the family. simran sees Ojaswani, Divya sees Mahima and says express gratitude toward God you’re fine. Divya sees Pisachini on the entryway. She asks Simran to remain here. simran is terrified. Divya says don’t stress I am here for you. Dirhsit comes ground floor. She shouts who is it. Magma says this is me, your better half’s significant other. Drishti runs. Magma says where might you go. You can’t see. Magma pursues her.

Divya comes to Pisachini. Pisacini says you have the ratan right? Offer it to me. Divya says I don’t have it. Piaschini says I will execute you. Divya says you can’t slaughter us since you need ratan. Pisachini says I will take it from you. She stops a medical caretaker and cuts her hand. Divya says what did you do. Pisacini says come here. On the off chance that you don’t give me ratna I will do likewise to your family. Divya says I don’t have it.

Drishti is terrified. She keeps running in the kitchen. Magma says I realize you have ratna. You can’t escape me. Divya says to Pisachini we don’t have it. It returned to where it originated from. Pisachini says don’t trick me. It is possible that you have it or your sister. Be that as it may, on the off chance that she had it raksht won’t have disregarded her. Would it be advisable for me to execute your sister there? She is leaving. Divya says I have the ratan. Pisachini says don’t make amusements with me.

Dirshti falls in the kitchen. she says I will murder you. Magma says you can’t see me. Drishti falls. Magma says you can’t keep running from me. Reptile can slaughter you with one nibble. Drishti picks the blade. Divya says to pisachini accompany me, pisacini strolls with her. She comes to store.

Magma says you wanna make a showing with me? Slaughter me. Drishti tosses a blade at her. She wounds magma in heart. Magma says how might you see it. How could you wound me. Drishti says when you made me fall, the ratan contacted my eyes. I could see everything. Drishti says my dread is over I wont’ let anything happen to the ratna. Magma passes on.

Rakshit comes to Shekhar and romi. The two of them get up with Rakshit’s forces. Simran says Pisachini took Divya to a store room. Diya says let me search for it. Pisacini says don’t make recreations with me. Divya tosses a compound on her. Pisachini throttles her and says how could you. Shekhar comes and hits Pisachini. Drishti hits Pisachini with a pole. Divya says you can see? Pisachin falls downa nd says I won’t leave you. Drishti embraces Divya. Divya says you can see? The folks lock Pisachini in a pack. Drishti says I needed to execute magma. She took a stab at executing me.

Divya says you executed Rakshit’s significant other? Rakshit says quit kidding. We need to go from here. To divert everybody, Shekhar acts like he has an assault. They all attempt to escape with Pisacini taken care of. Simran and drishti occupy the police. Romi comes there as specialist and requests that the police leave. They bring Pisachini home.

Divya says Drishti slaughtered your significant other Rakshit. Shekahr says yea you have one spouse as it were. Rakshit says we need to accomplish something with Pisacini before tomorrow. They tell everybody that pisachini in the room. Mahima says where is magma? Rakshit says she was a reptile. She is dead. Drishti says we have arranged for a pooja where small can end Pisachin. Ojaswani says I trust she doesn’t do anything in this house.

Pandit ji comes in. Mahima comes to drishti and says I am so grieved. You did as such much for this family. Divya says no doubt you can never have a DIL like her. She is y sister all things considered. Mahima says you will call me mother from now. Mahima embraces drishti.

Pandit ji says all prepares are finished? SHe will end after this pooja. Her game would be finished. they begin the pooja. Pisacini attempts to leave the pack. Rakshti and romi go upstairs to bring Pisacini. Mahiima says drishti will do the arti. Drishti does the arti.

Precap: Mahima says to Drishti you don’t need to be terrified. She will end today. Drishti sees everybody dead. She says no I can’t do that. I executed them all? She has a blade close by that everybody is cut with.


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