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Divya Drishti 28 Sep episode begins with Shergill relatives consenting to join Pishachini for shopping. Romi will not go which enrages Rakshit and he cautions him to adhere to Pishachini’s directions.

Drishti gets stunned on observing Rakshit’s indignation. Master Shiva and Lord Vishnu talk about Drishti and Rakshit’s affection bond.

Divya sees a blemish on her hand. Drishti likewise observes a similar imprint on her hand. Divya attempts to occupy her mind when she gets a fit of anxiety. Drishti and Divya neglect to speak with one another.

All the relatives go to the shopping center alongside Pishachini. Romi discovers Rakshit remaining solitary and ways to deal with him. Rakshit requests that he leave. In his indignation, he throttles Romi.

Omi escapes from his snare while Rakshit keeps running behind him. Pishachini gets eager to see little school young ladies in the shopping center. Drishti gets suspicious about her and keeps a mind her exercises.

Romi chances upon Divya and removes her to meet Rakshit. Drishti sees them together and pursues. Mahima and Chetan see Rakshit alone.

Mahima chooses to approach him and cause him to recall his past. Chetan contacts Rakshit. Rakshit chomps him and later pursues Mahima.

Divya utilizes her forces to stop Rakshit. Drishti surges towards Divya when she hears Mahima’s cries. Every one of the individuals in the shopping center get terrified on observing Rakshit’s unusual conduct.

Chetan, who transforms into a zombie after Rakshit’s nibble, assaults other relatives. Divya and Romi tie Rakshit from the power strands.

Pishachini changes kids into dolls. Drishti demands Divya to leave Rakhshit. Chetan changes every one of the individuals into zombies.

The cops go to the shopping center. They choose to shoot all the contaminated animals. Mahima attempts to prevent the cop from shooting Rakshit.

Divya surges with a sword towards Rakshit while Drishti hurries to stop her. The two meet and in the long run murder Raingini. Every one of the individuals leave the zombie spell. However, they overlook everything about the past.

Pishachini carries every one of the dolls alongside her to Shergill house. She changes them into children back again and compels them to eat chocolates.

Rakshit lashes out at the relatives when he finds that somebody has part tea on Pishachini’s doll. Rakshit apologizes when Drishti commits him understand his error.

Drishti hears cries of little children in Rakshit’s room.

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