Divya Drishti 3rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Divya Drishti 3 Aug episode begins with Drishti longing for in agony while being stuck inside the mirror labyrinth. Kaanch Rani comes to Rakshit and embraces him affectionately.

She orders to act sweet like Drishti before her yet Rakshit got suspicious on her when he didn’t see the nibble mark on her shoulder.

Kaanch Rani talks inconsiderately with Rakshit yet attempts to conceal her proviso with an untruth. Rakshit controls her by saying that he won’t bring the diamond as he needs to spare her life.

Drishti composes a clue on the foggy mirror. Tragically, Pishachini comes there and rubs off the indication. She chooses to trap Divya in her arrangement.

Rakshit comes to Divya and states that he is suspicious on Drishti’s conduct. Pishachini comes there and demonstrates to them the look at Chetan in a hopeless state.

Pishachini comes to assault Shergill relatives however Divya, Rakshit, and Romi counter her utilizing their consolidated forces.

Rakshit and Romi leave to spare Chetan from Pishachini. Rakshit gives a knife to Shikhar as a weapon to crush Pishachini.

Kaanch Rani authorizes to get inviting with the relatives. In the interim, Shikhar and Divya get into a contention. Divya questions Shikhar for supporting Pishachini prior. She says she doesn’t confide in him.

Drishti meets Mahima and demonstrates her Kaanch Rani symbol to her. Mahima gets frightened on observing her. Kaanch Rani tosses Mahima inside the mirror labyrinth.

Drishti attempts to bode well yet Kaanch Rani occupies Divya’s brain. The entryway to Hell opens and Drishti sees Mahima around.

Kaanch Rani educates Divya regarding Mahima has disappeared. She makes Mahima’s doppelganger utilizing her mirror powers.

Finally Pisachini manages to get the Kaal Vijay Ratna! Or is there a twist in the plot? Find out on #DivyaDrishti

Rakshit and Romi search for Chetan in the wilderness. Pishachini assaults Chetan. Rakshit discovers Chetan. Pishachini assaults Romi. Rakshit counters Pishachini’s assaults.

Kaanch Rani changes over Ojaswani also in her mirror symbol. She sends all the relatives inside the mirror labyrinth.

Kaanch Rani attempts to persuade Divya to bring the Kaal Vijay diamond. Rakshit returns home. He furtively encourages Simran to hurry to her room.

Rakshit gets suspicious on observing his relatives. Pishachini throttles Simran.

Precap Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: Drishti leaves the mirror labyrinth. Divya falls in Kaanch Rani’s snare.

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