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Pisacini says make proper acquaintance. Divya Drishti is here to meet Drishti. The phony one says for what reason would you say you are taking a gander at me? I am your mirror. you were one so how are both of you now Drishit pushes her and says this is Pisachini’s dark enchantment. both of you did all that. I was in Divya’s room when somebody consumed the nourishment. Drishti says who are you? Counterfeit Dirshti pushes her and says I am made of glass. I can be anybody. I am kanch rani. Pisacini says meet Kanch rani. Drishti says yet we tied you. Pisachini says you figured you could stop me? She is made of my stones. You don’t realize how ground-breaking we are. Drishti says you did all that? Kanch rani says give me the ratan. Drishti says won’t. Kanch rani says I will execute everybody. Drishti says you can’t do anything. I will perceive what are you intending to do. I will stop it. They lock Drishti in a dull room of mirrors.

Drishti shouts and cries in obscurity room. Drishti says somebody please get me out of here. Pisachini comes there and says see there. Kanch rani is there. Kanch rani says nobody can see you here. You can see everybody. For them this is only a mirror. You are inside the mirror. Pisacini says each hour we would give you a breaking news. drishti cries and says please get me out of here. Kanch rani says how about we murder her. Pisachini says everybody hours one entryway would open and she would be near death. Furthermore, her sister would give you ratna.

Kanch rani goes ahead overhang and says I would murder myself. I would kick the bucket. Rakshit says get down. Dirsit says pisachini ran as a result of me. I let her go. Everybody is terrified. Rakshit pulls her down.

Drishti cries and says somebody get me out of here please. She attempts to open the mirrors. Rakshit says nothing would happen Drishti. I am consistently with you. You’re not the only one. drishit says no please she isn’t your Drishti. She is kanch rani. Rakshit embraces kanch rani. divya embraces Drishti and says I am consistently with you. Drishti plunks down and cries.

Drishti hears a clamor. A dooro opens and fire leaves it. It consumes her hand a bit. drshti sees everybody kicking the bucket. She plunks down crying. Drishti says I demolished everything. I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do. I can’t control my brain. I let Pisachini go. Kanch rani says in heart bring the ratan subject. Drishti says all of you need me to be alright? Kindly accomplish something. there must be an answer. Mahima says yes you should rest. Rakshit says take this prescription you would be fine. They all leave her to rest. Raksit says you would be fine. They leave.

Kanch rani is furious. She says I would murder them. Drishti says I can execute you like I slaughtered that Lava. Pisachini says shut up. Kanch rani says she executed magma? Drishit says yes I did. I will slaughter you as well. Kanch rani says don’t let out the slightest peep to me. Pisachini says do what you’re here for. Drishti says what are you here for.

Rakshit says to Shekhar no we can’t bring that ratan out. We can’t let Piscahini have it. Drishit says to Ojaswanu I figure I would require the ratan to feel alright. Yet, that would improve me. rakshit’s father says when it was required for me, you brought ratan then why not for her? Rakshit says better believe it I think we need to bring it. Pisachini says to Drishit you would stay here and he would bring Ratan. You would bite the dust here and I will take the ratan from him. Drishti cries. She says Rakshit kindly don’t bring that ratan. She reviews every one of them three shrouded the ratan together.

Rakshit is going out. He sees reflect reflection. Drishti supplicates. Rakshit says what is this light.. Rakshit comes in the room. Drishit says Rakshit.. Would you be able to see me. Rakshit looks in the mirror. He contacts it. Drishit says would you be able to feel me? I am behind it. If it’s not too much trouble get me out of here. If it’s not too much trouble The entryway opens and this time it’s a snow storm. Drishti shouts. She feels cold Drishti says rakshit would you be able to feel me please get me out of here. She composes on the mirror. Drishit says please observe it. Rakshit sees the sign. He says it wasn’t here. Drishit says kindly don’t disregard me. Rakshit leaves. drishti cries. Drishti is feeling cold.

Rakshit comes to shivling where he concealed the ratan. Rakshit does pooja. Rakshit says I hepe something awful doesn’t occur. Drishit is feeling cold. Drishti says I can’t surrender. Rakshit ventures back. Pisachini says what befell him. Rakshit goes to the room and takes a gander at the mirror. Drishit says I am here. It would be ideal if you get me out of here.

Precap: Mahima says Rakshit your father is no place. If it’s not too much trouble discover him. Pisachini comes and demonstrates to him where his father it. Romi and rakshti go to search for him. Pisachini says to Drishit I have sent your better half beyond words.


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