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Pisachini comes there and makes proper acquaintance. Rakshit comes to divya and says I am truly stressed. Pisacini says what’s up. Do you by any chance know where your father is? She indicates them Shergil has blacked out in a wilderness. She says I was exhausted so figured I ought to accomplish something fun. Rakshi and Divya search for Shergil. Mahima says he is no place rakshit. Everybody is concerned, Mahima says elderly person is no more? Rakshit says stop it. She says nobody even knew where he was. You can’t discover him. Rakshit says face me first before hurting my family. Pisachin does her enchantment, Divya, raksit and Romi battle her. Rakshit says disclose to us where is father. She says the mountain.. Pisachini vanishes.

Rakshit gives shekhar a knife nd says use it if Pisachini does anything. Pisachini says to Drishti they have all left. Nobody can peruse your messages now. You’re gone at this point. Divya attempts to make Kanch rani rest. she says how might I rest? So much is going on. Shekhr says let me make her rest. He sings a bedtime song. Divya giggles. She dozes. Raksit and are romi are en route. He says something isn’t right. Romi says perhaps she needed us out of the house.

Mahima is concerned. Drishti says mother for what reason would you say you are not resting? She says chetan isn’t home. How might I rest? Drishit says I don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s going on. How about we sit in front of the Tv. Do you think pisachini can kil her? Mahima says don’t state that. She says sorry I am stressed as well.

Divya says what’s going on in this house. I don’t get anything. shekhar says I am similarly stressed. Divya says you were helping Pisachini. He says yet I am with you now. She says how might I confide in you? Shekhar says don’t confide in at that point. He leaves.

Drishti is concerned. She says Divya please spare me. Kanch rani says to Mahima prepare. There is a message. You need to know a news. She transforms into kanch rani. She says to Mahima I am kanch rani. She tosses Mahima in the mirror also.

Divya looks in the mirror. She says what’s shekhar’s opinion of himslef? Where is he gone? Divya feels somethign. Drishit says I am behind this. If it’s not too much trouble spare me. It would be ideal if you get me out og here. divya contacts the mirror. Kanch rani shouts mother.. Divya runs and says what occurred. Mahima comes in the mirror. Drishti says mother.. Mother would you say you are alright?

Divya comes to room. Kanch rani says mother isn’t here. Divya says I hear her commotion Is there something behind this mirror? Bari mother where are you? Mahima freezes inside. Divya says for what reason would you say you are strained? Kanch rani says strained for mother. Kanch rani’s companion comes as Mahima. divya embraces her and says mother would you say you are alright? She says yes.

Romi and Rakshit search for Chetan. They look all over. Romi sees Pisachini. Simran says to Divya everybody is bolted upstairs. Divya please accompany me. Divya keeps running with her upstairs. Rakshit sees his father harmed. He says dad.. Is it true that you are alright? dad please get up. Romi stops Pisachin. Pisacini says I can kill him in a second. Divya and Simran coem to Ojaswani. She shouts and cries. She says would you say you are alright chachi? She says Pisachini secured us in the room. I attempted to run. Ojaswani is likewise Kanch rani’s companion.

Mahima says in what capacity will we get out o here? She says everybody is secured in the room. Divya goes to the room. Mahima says who is that? Drishti says they are for the most part phony. they are kanch ranis individuals. Mahima says how might we realize who is genuine? Everybody is pushed in. They all shouts. Drishit quiets them down. Divya is separated from everyone else with kanch individuals. Drishit says we can do soemthing since we are for the most part here. They are phony. divya doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Simran isn’t here. Ojawani says that implies she is simran.

Divya is concerned. Kanch rani says to Divya get the ratan. We don’t have a ton of time. We need to stop what’s going on in this house. shekhar says how would we stop her? Drishti says she will get the ratan. Drishit says Divya doesn’t know whether she is phony. No one but rakshit can spare us now. Rakshit comes ome and says to counterfeit mahima mama father is here. Simran embraces him. Rakshit asks for what reason is everybody carrying on abnormal. Simran says Pisacini secured everybody in the room. Rkashit murmurs to Simran proceed to secure yourself in the room. WHere is divya? Pisachini comes to Simran.

Precap: Real drishti turns out Divya remains with kanch rani. Pisachini gets the ratan.


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