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Divya Drishti 6 Jul episode begins with Mahima demonstrating her nauseate towards Drishti before Rakshit. Lavanya gives the spiked beverage to Divya, Rakshit, and others.

Divya discloses to Rakshit that she has an uncertainty on the beverage as squeezed orange can’t have a green shading. Different individuals from the Shergill family feel lethargic in the wake of drinking the juice.

Pishachini chances upon Drishti. Drishti questions her for grabbing her superpowers. Pishachini taunts at her for falling into her arrangement.

Divya, Rakshit, Shikhar, and Romi make a decent attempt to enjoy all the relatives in diversions. In the interim, Drishti chats with Chiranjeevi through the rahasya tara.

Chiranjeevi asks Drishti to remain nearby to her relatives. Drishti surges towards Shergill house.

Pishachini meets Rakshit in the wake of solidifying everybody. She discloses to him that she has assaulted Drishti. Rakshit gets stressed however institutes to be cheerful before Pishachini.

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Rakshit ventures out to discover Drishti. He comes to Lord Shiva to look for his assistance. Rakshit plays out an exciting tandav move in substantial downpours.

He takes the amazing sword and guarantees the symbol to secure Drishti at each expense with his endowments. Anjaan searches for Drishti behind the dividers as told by Pishachini.

Anjaan’s veil tumbles down. He feels that Pishachini has found out about his fact thus purposefully deceived him.

Drishti returns home. She sees an impression where Mahima is attempting to assault somebody. Rakshit gets annoyed with her.

Drishti curses Rakshit for wedding Lavanya and concealing everything from her. The two get into a contention.

Mahima heads with a sword after Drishti. She attempts to wound Drishti yet Rakshit, Divya, Shikhar, and Romi attempt to stop her.

Divya gets back her forces when the mogra wrist trinket tumbles off from her hands. She pushes Mahima away. In this hustle, Drishti tumbles down the overhang. Rakshit spares her.

Drishti discloses to Rakshit that Mahima isn’t in her control. The two get enthusiastic when Rakshit demonstrates his anxiety for Drishti.

Rakshit tallies his missteps. Drishti prods him to express sorry to learn. Rakshit feels unbalanced however later apologizes to her.

Lavanya questions Pishachini about the individual will’s identity executed by Mahima. Pishachini says the entryway to damnation is opening.

Drishti again gets a look at Mahima assaulting somebody.

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