Divya Drishti 7th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Divya Drishti 7 Apr episode begins with Drishti getting stressed seeing the impression. Pishachini gets irate on Aish for not finishing her assignment.

Drishti chooses to remove Divya from the demise well zone.

Drishti comes to Rakshit. He challenges Rakshit to make everybody move. Rakshit concurs. Then, Pishachini takes Divya to the passing great zone.

Rakshit begins moving. All the relatives go along with him including Divya. Pishachini exhaust in displeasure.

Lavanya gets envious of seeing them together. Rakshit approaches Drishti. He discloses to her that he doesn’t care for her closeness with Shikhar.

Rakshit acclaims Drishti. The two offer looks. He stands up his affections for her. The two get comfortable with one another.

Pishachini comes in her red eye symbol. She holds Divya’s hand and pulls her towards the passing admirably.

Rakshit sees Pishachini’s red light in her eye.

He comes and gets out her name. Divya flees. Pishachini escapes Rakshit.

Divya finds Drishti. Drishti sees Pishachini assaulting Divya. Divya sees Drishti’s third eye. She cries pondering her sister.

Divya and Drishti embrace one another. Drishti educates Divya that their folks’ killer will assault her. Divya says we will confront her intrepidly.

Pishachini utilizes her forces and discovers Divya. Divya guarantees Drishti not to come before Pishachini. Pishachini dumps Divya in the demise well.

Pishachini additionally hops inside. Drishti sobs for Divya. She hops into the well to spare her.

Divya neglects to utilize her forces on Pishachini. She sobs for help.

Precap Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: Drishti removes Pishachini’s neckband.


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