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Romi says how did she get the sword? Rakshit says it’s mine. I forgot it somewhere. Mahiam comes to Simran Ojaswanu and Rashi. They scream. Rakshit and anybody run upstairs. Simran and Rashi run out. Divya’s powers aren’t running. They stop and then paintings. Ojaswani says bhahi please dont’ kill me. there is a flower bracelet whilst Divya touches it her powers works. Drishti sees it. They run upstairs. They store Ojaswani. Rakshit says mom please depart them. Mahima puts the sword on Raksht. Divya locks her inside the closet. anyone comes. Ojaswani is scared. Divya says i am sorry Rakshit. He says I are aware of it became essential. Drishti says where is simran. Rakshit says let me locate her. Simran runs on the street. She screams and say they may kill me.

Simran comes in the front of a automobile. A man saves her but receives harm himself. the female takes both of them inside the vehicle. She says you’re simran right.
all of us appears for Simran. drishti says simra you’re safe. Please come out.
Shekhar sees Divya and Romi in a room. Romi is hugging Divya. He says i like you. Shekhar comes there. He says i can kill you. Drishti and Rakshit come there. He says this Romi.. He instructed Divya he loves her. Drishti says but nobody is right here. that is all an illusion by way of Pisachhini. real Divya comes there. Shekhar holds her hand and says you’re my wife. She says I know why? He says nothing.
Lava says to Mahima pass kill them. cross there. Simran comes domestic with Divya’s mom. She says I saw simran on the road. Drishti hugs Simran. Divya says uncle you asved Simran. You’re hurt. Come allow us to prevent. Simran says my santa got here. Dirshit sees Mahima came out of her closet. She tells Rakshit. Rakshit asks Simran to were given to her room. Romi sees Lizard’s poison there.
Divya’s mother applies remedy to the man’s hand. drishti tels Divya about Mahima. Divya locks her mother inside the room.
Simran says my santa came. Ojaswani says who are you acllin santa? She says my Santa got here and saved me from the automobile. Divya’s mother says that uncle.. She says that santa is in the front room.
Drishti and that guy are inside the front room. Mahima comes to stab Drishti.. She stabs that man as a substitute. Rakshit screams baba… Divya comes and prevents Mahima. Mahima comes in her senses. he says who am I right here? That guy is Rakshit’s dad. Rakshit says dad.. he’s bleeding.

They pick out him up. Rakshit says name ambulance. Rakshit says papa please open your eyes. Mahima says who attacked him. Lava comes and says who is he? Ojaswani says in which have been you all this time? She says slumbering. Simran says bari ma killed santa. Mahima says I.. Rakshti says mama please relax. The blood stops. Ojaswani says how did it appear? what is occurring? Rakshit what turned into going on right here. Mahima you have been attacking us. you then attacked him. Then someone stopped you with some powers.

Piaschini comes there. all people screams. Dirshti says stay away from my family. Divya says we’re all together now. Your fight is with us now not them. Pisachini holds Simran. Simran says please depart me. i am so scared. Lava says i’m scared too. Pisachini says this rakshit touched him and his bleeding stopped but this antique guy has to die. This rakshit is guru’s heir. He has many powers in his blood. Rashi says who guru ji? She says ask your mom Mahima or your bhabhis. Ojaswani says please depart my Simran. Pisachini says your father couldn’t meet his own family. That sword wasn’t regular. Your dad has to die now. there’s one manner.. That ratan can keep his existence. Ojaswanu says what ratan? pisachini says this divya drishti are twin sisters. they’re real sister and they have powers. they’ve a ratan. That ratan is what I want. cross convey it. Ojaswani says wherein is it? Pisachini says these two sisters know in which it is. convey it or he would die. Pisachini laughs and leaves.

Scene 2
Drishti tells absolutely everyone their story. she tells them about their powers. she tells them about Raksht’s powers. Drishti says we hid all this to save you. Mahima hugs her and says you shouldn’t apologize you I must. Rakshit says whilst you hated Drishti for no longer being at an area.. She become.. Mahima says saving our own family? Mahima says i am sorry. i used to be so incorrect. Lava says I have to apologize too. but now Rakshit and you are divorced and i am his wife. Drishti goes to her room. Divya hugs her.
Divya and Drishti cry. Drshti says why can’t our papa come lower back. Divya’s mother says your dad and mom sacrifice their lives to save humanity and also you have the identical obligation. Divya says we are able to’t deliver this ratan to Pisacini. One existence would risk many. Drishti says we ought to do something.

Divya Drishti see the celebrity. Charan jeet says yes Rakshit can enlarge a few hours to his dad’s existence. His lifestyles can simplest be saved via Kaal vijay. Divya says is there every other manner? He says sure there’s someone like Pisachini who can save her.

Rakshti says drishti i encourage you please bring that ratan. Divya says we will’t d that. Our parents died saving that ratan. Drishti says but now we’re together we are able to protect it. Divya says we are able to’t overlook the entirety and risk it. Rakshit says my existence wasn’t easy both. divya says we had no person. We lived in different houses for all our lives. we will’t do this. you have got your entire own family. i’m able to’t deliver that ratan. Drishti says charanjeet stated there’s any other way. Rakshit says please tell us what can we do.

Rakshit asks every person if they have visible some thing awkward. Ojaswani says sure we’ve visible lizards lately. i’ve visible one in Lava’s room loads. absolutely everyone guesses Lava is the lizard.

Precap-Divya says to Drishti you locked me to get that ratan? Mahima says please my husband’s existence is in hazard. Divya says you can never know what that ratan is for us. it’s far the task of our lives to defend it. Drishti says more importnat that the ones we adore? Then our own family? Divya says we lost our family and i received’t permit their sacrifice move in useless. She shoves all of them.


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