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Divya Drishti 8 Sep episode begins with Drishti demonstrating the sindoor to remind Rakshit that their marriage had occurred and Drishti is his better half and nobody else.

However, Rakshit is as yet befuddled and trusts Pishachini is his significant other.

In the first part of the day, everybody in the Shergill house awakens feeling exceptionally old in their appearance.

They have dark circles, silver hair, and wrinkles in their body. Pischachini giggles at everybody.

From that point onward, Pishachini comes to meet Rakshit. Drishti asks Rakshit not to talk about anything about what they have examined about their marriage.

Drishti masks as a man and escapes from the room while Pishachini goes into the room.

At the point when Drishti turns out, Divya supports Drishti that Rakshit will his memory very soon.

At the point when Rakshit leaves the room, Drishti asks him what she conversed with him in the room however Rakshit couldn’t recollect that anything.

Presently, Drishti understands that she has the intensity of making somebody to overlook the things.

Meanwhile, Pishachini plans to kill everybody in the whole Shergill’s family aside from Rakshit inside 3 days in the wake of getting the 3 jewels. She needs to keep Rakshit as her better half.

Presently, Mahima attempts to offer prescription to Rakshit to make him okay yet Pishachini stops that and undermines Mahima not to have a go at anything once more.

Following day, everybody takes an interest in Ganpati Pooja. Utilizing her third eye, Drishti sees that the Chandelier is going on fall on the individuals who are commending the Ganpati Pooja. Be that as it may, Pishachini sees her third eye.

Utilizing Pandit’s assistance, Divya and Drishti stop Pishachini.

Simultaneously, Drishti demonstrates her genuine face to Mahima and comes clean regarding why she is veiled as a man.

After the Pooja is done, Pishachini makes Mahima tumble down yet Divya stops her. Presently, Drishti sees that the Chandelier is going to tumble down once more.

Divya and Drishti both arrangement together and prevent it from tumbling down.

Pishachini takes everybody to the patio and prepared to push them to the ground.

Stay tuned with us to know what will happen next in the Divya Drishti.

Precap Upcoming Divya Drishti episode update: Everyone gets spared by Divya and Drishti and Pishachini compromises everybody to tell about who had spared them.

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