Divya Khosla Kumar angry at Sonu Nigam's threat to Bhushan Kumar

On Monday, a video by Sonu Nigam created an uproar in social media. In this video posted on Instagram, Sonu made some serious allegations against T-series owner Bhushan Kumar and threatened him not to mess with him. Hours after this video, Bhushan Kumar’s wife and filmmaker Divya Khosla Kumar gave a strong reply to Sonu, calling him an unhappy man.

Divya gave her answer via insta story on Instagram. He wrote- Sonu Nigam Ji, T series gave you a break in the industry. Moved you so much. If you had such an insult from Bhushan, then why not speak before. Why are you doing it for publicity today. I directed so many videos of your father himself, for which he was always thankful. But some people are unhappy.

With this, Divya has created a hash tag ‘Achha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka’, an old popular song from the T series itself. The song was sung by Sonu Nigam for the 1995 T-series film Bewafa Sanam.

Earlier, Divya wrote- “Today it is just important who can run a good campaign.” I see that people are successfully selling their lies with a strong campaign. People like Sonu Nigam know that every single musician of India is tortured at this time. How it is played with people’s minds. May God save this world. ”

Sonu Nigam had posted a video on Instagram, in which he takes a publishing house against him for an article, then says a lot to Bhushan Kumar. Sonu reminds Bhushan that there was a time when he used to come to her house and request her to do an album. Used to introduce SaharaShri. They used to beg for protection from the underworld.

Sonu warns that I am telling you, just do not mind me. Sonu also threatens Bhushan to put an old video on his YouTube channel. You can listen to the full video below-

Sonu had earlier posted a video in which he also raised the issue of favoritism and mafiyagiri in the music industry, citing the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. However, he did not name anyone in the video then. Sonu said that if this continues, then the news of suicide will also start coming from the music industry.


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