Donald Trump Told Arnold Schwarzenegger The Dead, Hollywood Actor Gives A Befitting Reply
Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Photo Credits: Instagram)

American President Donald Trump in his speech, declared Hollywood’s famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger dead. Not only Arnold but also his fans were surprised by this fact. When Arnold discovered this, he responded to Trump on Twitter and said that he is still alive.

White House Correspondent Hunter Walker said on Twitter, “Did you know? Arnold Schwarzenegger died, I was there – President Donald Trump.

Hunter further wrote, “The President was talking about Apprentice Ratings when he said that Schwazenger died, Real Life and Death Stuff.”

However Hunter also wrote Arnold’s answer in his tweets and told that he is still alive.

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Arnold wrote on Twitter, responding to a trumpet statement: “I am still this. Would you like to donate tax returns Donald Trump?

Significantly, all of them are aware of the rift between Trump and Arnold. During the election in 2016, Arnold said that he would not vote for Trump. In his statement he said, “I became a citizen in 1983 and for the first time now I will not vote for the Republican candidate for the post of President.” Since then, the rift between Trump and Arnold has started.


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