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After waiting for more than a year after the first season of Sacred Games, the second season of Sacred Games has arrived. Like season one, this season is also in the same test. In this season Gaitonde is still hidden after being abroad, Sartaj Singh, who is suspended from duty, is doing official investigation this season and Jojo Mascarainhas came for just 5 seconds in the first episode of the first season, in this season Ganesh Gaitonde’s life Most importants are playing the role.

The second season of this series, based on Vikram Chandra’s Novel Sacred Games, has been directed by Anurag Kashyap and Neeraj Ghewan together. In the first season, we saw Mumbai through the eyes of Ganesh Gaitonde and with it also the rise of Ganesh Gaitonde. The second season is made on the downfall of Gaitonde. On the other hand, the story of Sartaj Singh, who is struggling with the grief of the death of his friend like Havildar Katekar, continues in the middle of the mystery of Gaitonde.

Gaitonde (now an undercover agent) has no other option in Kenya and South Africa. Instead of acting like a puppet in the world of the underworld.

What you need to know

The first thing you will see is that in the last episode of the first season, he will investigate all the clues found from the underground bunker where Sartaj Singh had reached. On the other hand, Gaitonde is far away from his country. Now Gaitonde has become an undercover agent in Kenya and South Africa. Gaitonde has no choice what to do but he is acting like a puppet in the world of an unknown underworld. Gaitonde’s own goals (such as coming back to gangster life and taking revenge on Isa) have changed as Bombay has now changed to Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Sartaj Singh tries to meet his ex-girlfriend and finds Gaitonde’s third father ‘Guruji’ (who is a saffron-clad Baba). Sartaj Khan then sets out on a hunt for Shahid Khan (Ranveer Shore) amid the threat of nuclear attack. Shahid is running a terrorist organization named Hizbuddin.

Newcomers this season

There are three new faces to be seen in this season. Ranveer Shore, who plays a terrorist. Kalki Kekalan has become the disciple of Guruji (Pankaj Tripathi), who will take over the throne after Guruji. Amrita Subhash who is playing the officer of the Intelligence Department.

However, like the first season, in the second season, the audience gets immersed in the story with every episode. But the lack of anxiety that was there in the first season is lacking in it.

What is this season

This season, there are some things that have not changed, such as many monologues of Gaitonde, remembering old stories and connecting with the present times. References to Mythology are still plentiful. Many things of Hinduism are mentioned in the first and third episodes. At the same time, there are many references to Gilgamesh in the second episode.

However, just like the first season, in the second season, the audience is drowned with every episode. But the one who is anxious, the lack of it in the first season is lacking in it. In a flashback scene, when Gaitonde approaches Guruji, Malcolm (Luke Kenny) is seen there, who escaped in the first season. But here comes a big twist in the plot, when it is learned that Guruji dies.

The first season had a deep impact on the audience. But the question still remains whether Season 2 will live up to the expectations of the audience like its first season. But we can definitely tell that the first three episodes are good.

‘Sacred Games Season-2’ has been released on Netflix on 15 August.


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