Mr. Natsuki who became a Dr.
Mr. Natsuki who became a Dr.

Mary Natsuki appeared on the 14th, in the shape of Dr. Kureha at the presentation of “ONE PIECE” collaboration CM series interlocking project “Chopper assistant” recruitment search engine “Indeed”. Natsuki who showed himself in a navel-out style in spite of the extreme cold talked about “to do whatever he likes”.

This project was carried out in conjunction with the “Indeed” CM series which collaborated with popular anime “ONE PIECE”. At the request of “Chopper of the Straw Hat”, we recruit friends who will help with the plan to reproduce the “cherry tree of Hiruluk”. Approximately 100 assistants were adopted this time by strict selection by the secretariat.

In the event venue of this day, we set up a familiar “drum lock” at Fuyoshima, to reproduce the miracle produced by Dr. Hirruk who is the parent of chopper raising in digital art. Natsuki who came to Dr. there appeared as a surprise with the word “happy kaki”.

Natsuki is glad that you add it to a member of popular content since the end of last year although it is laughing that “It is hard for 139 years old to be done” based on the setting of Dr. Kureha. “ONE PIECE” There was a strong fans came and I felt that I would like you to follow along with the feelings of the fans so that we can convince many fans of Dr. Kureha. Continuously asking “How about you?”, A big applause was sent from the hall.

Natsuki who said “It’s a little human being from the usual way,” summoned the venue with plenty of dreadfulness saying “If you search by Indeed, human’s role will come out too? Natsuki also showed off his opinion about “favorite work”. “I just do not like you, I think that I can act about things I like, I will be happy with actions that I like and I’d like to ask myself” Are you happy? ” And advice. A big applause and a cheer were rising again to that word.


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