Eight words to encourage students to calm their feelings

Until the day of passing the aspirational school, eight words to give to the student who will keep trying hard. Please encourage yourself on a night when you can not sleep tightly and on the morning of the examination day.

Eight words that seniors give to students

A lot of ale have arrived from university students’ seniors towards the entrance examiners who are facing the entrance examination. Let’s grab the word of encouragement and run through the last sport.

1. There is no one who is not nervous.

  • It has been working towards the entrance examination day this past year, so there is no reason not to be nervous. Do not forcibly think “do not get nervous”, let’s divide it as “you are nervous”. I feel a little easier. Let’s recall the past tenacity here. At first, it was a brand new reference book, but now it’s getting fuzzy, is not it supposed to be familiar with hands? It is proof that you have been doing your best, so let’s trust yourself.

2. Anxiety is just a fool

  • If you feel uneasy about anything, that’s how it gets worse and worse. But all of them were the same, and I was. If you seem to be dragging anxiety, you can not demonstrate real ability in production. Please imagine university life after entrance and spend a positive attitude. It is not too late since I finished the exam to regret after I turned back.

3. Only you can support yourself

  • Neither the school teacher nor the preparatory school teacher knows whether to pass or not. You have to grasp it with your own hand. Please “Please pass any matter whatsoever!” Please support yourself with such an attitude. Please do not push yourself, but please laugh. Please think that you can do your best. It is myself that can rely on the last end!

4. Let’s walk to the end without stopping your feet

  • Today’s hard work will lead to future dreams and goals. It is not because I felt like I wanted to fulfil that I was able to do my best so far. If you stop, nothing will start. People who think “Anything will pass!” Can go up to the end.

5. I will do my best to wait for the future

  • My favourite word is “to do everything and to wait for the weather.” If you do the effort you can do, it means that you only have to wait just by leaving it to fate. What you should do now is to study for the entrance examination. Imagine seeing that you are doing guts pose by looking at the acceptance notice, please do your best only a little while.

6. The painful period is over

  • The examination life that was long was already over. I think that there were many painful things so far, but only when I get here, I only do my best at the entrance examination site. Believe yourself the usual, let’s take one more point and let’s hit the problem in front of you.

7. Examination life is food for life

  • There is no useless effort in examination life. Painful experiences and an accumulation of patience lead to growth. What you can get in the examination life is not just the result of your studies. I definitely will help my life in the future, so please go ahead without giving up.

8. You can reverse it if you do not give up!

  • What is most important is not to give up. It is commonplace and may have been told many times, but I myself have felt through the exams. Both I and my friends passed the disadvantageous judgment of the trial and were able to pass. I do not know the result until the end, so please challenge with full power.


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