Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Own family eagerly waits for Kabeer preserving aarti thali. Kabeer gets out of automobile together with his spouse Kavya and son. Dadaji asks when did he marry with out own family’s know-how, Jahnvi changed into dreaming of having him married to Ishani. PK angrily says he never modified and continues to be equal. Jahnvi says it isn’t always Kabeer’s mistake, else he would not have returned domestic. family walks away fuming over Kabeer. Jahnvi asks Kabeer not to fear, she is with him and asks to come in. Kabeer’s son Arush asks him why every person have been scolding him. Jahnvi says no person knew they could get this sort of pretty toddler. She performs Kabeer’s own family’s aarti and walks in announcing she will return quickly. She prepares for graha paravesh blending a few chemical in a thali in stead of pink water and performs Kavya’s graha pravesh. Kabeer tries to talk. Jahnvi says neglect it and takes them to Kabeer’s room. Arush calls him Veer and says it’s miles a pretty room. Jahnvi asks if he calls him Dev and asks Kavya to experience free as it is her room from hereon. Kabeer thaks her for assisting him after a lot came about. Jahnvi asks him to forget the whole thing and depart it on her. as soon as she leaves, Kavya and Kabeer examine every different’s face..

Ishani cries in her room vigorously while Sonali tries to console her. Jahnvi walks in. Ishani asks if she is so awful. Jahnvi says it’s far my mistake, i might have requested Kabeer beforehand. Sonali says it’s far Kavya’s mistake who cleverly trapped Kabeer, Kabeer turned into usually open minded and came home each year on the grounds that 6 years, but hid about Kavya. Jahnvi asks her to neglect it and consoles Ishani.

Suman in her room lies on bed with panic assault. Kabeer walks into his mother Suman’s room. Suman excitedly hugs him and says good he came back. Kabeer says he needs to speak. She says later and asks if he’s going to now not pass again and could take over his father’s business. Kabeer asks why are her fingers bloodless. Jahnvi enters and introduces Kabeer’s spouse Kavya and son Aarush. They each try and take her blessings, however she backs off and confronts Kabeer that he did now not got here for her and asks to head far from here. Kabeer asks why mother is breathing closely and having bloodless arms, what happened to her. Jahnvi takes Kabeer out and says maa is having high BP and she or he forgot to offer medicinal drug ot maa, he can move eating table and feature food with circle of relatives while she speak to PK.

Jahnvi walks to PK’s room with food in which dadaji and Dhruv are also present. Chanda says whole own family is behaving as though curfew is imposed. Jahnvi walks in and says dadaji is hungry due to the fact that lengthy. PK reacts and asks if she thinks it is ordinary. Jahnvi says complete metropolis knows about Kabeer returning home, it’s far a question of PK Mittal’s reputation. PK angrily kicks flower basket and walks away shouting in the event that they stored flora for his funeral. Kavya alternatives flower and indicates her villainous expression. She then walks into Kabeer’s room and says Arush will sleep together with her at the same time as Kabeer and Kavya stay on this room. Arush says he desires to sleep with mamma. Jahnvi says she delivered tale books for him and takes him away.

Kabeer and Kavya feel apprehensive on my own in their room searching at flower decorated mattress. Saath rahke bhi kareeb na rahe…track…performs in the heritage. Jahnvi takes Arush to her room and asks if he’s frightened of chudails. He says no. She says he will get fearful of this chudail and frightens him together with her expressions. On the opposite side, Kavya tells Kabeer he have to tell reality. Kabeer says all people hates him and mother’s is sick, however he has to talk reality. Kavya angrily pulls flower ornament and cries. Kabeer asks to govern herself, although it isn’t always easy for her. He extends her hand closer to her shoulder. Jahnvi frightens Arush and he runs toward Kabeer’s room calling mamma. Jahnvi tries to stop him. Kabeer opens door. Arush runs in. Jahnvi is amazed to see vegetation on ground.

Precap: Kavya confronts Ishani, and Ishani slaps her. Jahnvi slaps Ishani, and Ishani consumes sleeping capsules.


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