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Jahnvi sees blossoms broke on floor and asks Kabeer what is this. Kabeer says Kavya dislikes these blooms and felt terrible. Jahnvi strolls to Kavya and cleaning her tears says there is nothing to feel awful as even she doesn’t care for blossoms, yet needed to improve suhagraat bed. Arush says mamma/kavya she enjoyed these blooms previously. Jahnvi spoils Arush and says she will clean floor. Kavya says let it be, she will. Jahnvi says she can as it is her room and exits yawning. Javya clears blooms thinking back Kabeer enlivening her suhagraat bed prior amid her first marriage with Kabeer’s companion.

Next morning, police chief meets PK and says he needs to come down with guilty party who sent a terrible bug danger on PK as it is a genuine concern, and he will get police insurance for PK. PK says he failed to understand the situation, he secures police with loads of philanthropy to police assets and whoever has made this likeness head with shot will be dead soon.. Jahnvi strolls in to call PK for breakfast and seeing him dealing with his model head inquires as to for what reason don’t he stop, come and eat. RK says he is going out on a significant work and leaves with police magistrate. Jahnvi takes a gander at likeness and gives fiendish grin.

Kavya strolls into lounge seeking Jahnvi. Ishani asks what she needs from Jahnvi, in the event that she needs Jahnvi to wash garments or change bedsheet after suhagraat. Kavya says she needs milk for Arush. Ishani says she will educate Jahnvi to get crisp milk from dairy ranch, Jahnvi isn’t her hireling and Arush won’t kick the bucket on the off chance that he doesn’t drink milk for multi day. Kavya cautions to mind her language and says this demonstrates her class. Ishani indignantly slaps her. Jahnvi strolls in and seeing that slaps back Ishani saying Kavya is bahu of this house. Ishani says she constantly upheld Jahnvi and how might she support Kavya who demolished her life. Family accumulates. Jahnvi requests that her get out from here. Ishani strolls to her room. Dhruv asks Jahnvi to quiet down. Jahnvi says she realizes how to deal with Ishani. Chanda chachi hollers at Kavya to go to her room. Kavya strolls to her room. Kabeer requests that her assistance him in computer game. Kabeer strolls in and says he knows Kavya does not do any slip-up. Jahnvi strolls in and apologizes Kavya for Ishani’s benefit. Sonali thumps Ishani’s entryway and when she doesn’t open it, she hurries to Jahnvi and illuminates. Entire family accumulates outside Ishani’s room. Kabeer tears the entryway open, and family is stunned to see Ishani oblivious on floor after suicide endeavor. Jahnvi frenzies and shakes Ishani arguing to wake up.

Family surges Ishani to clinic where she is taken into ICU. PK strolls to Kabeer and cautions to leave on the off chance that he has any sense of pride left. Dhruv endeavors to quiet down PK. Kabeer says he won’t go anyplace till Ishani recovers. PK says Jahnvi fouled up by lettinng Kavya home. Kavya cries in her room. Specialist educates Ishani is fine now, and family takes her back home. PK over telephone educates reviewer that Ishani is back home and her suicide news ought not achieve media as city hall leader race is headed. He sees Kavya and requests her to escape his home with her child inside 60 minutes. Kabeer strolls in and says she won’t go anyplace. PK yells his choice is conclusive. Kabeer says let him clarify. PK says he has lost his opportunity and baffled him, he needed Kabeer to join privately-owned company like Dhruv, however Kabeer joined armed force and after a ton of encounter he guaranteed to return following 6 years, so he had found even a young lady for him, yet he disillusioned again by wedding this young lady without educate his family. Kabeer says this is young lady is his significant other Kavya. PK says this young lady can’t remain in his home. Kabeer says he doesn’t care for anybody’s obstruction between his family, not in any case his dad. PK furiously attempts to slap Kabeer, however Dhruv and Kavya stop him and send Kabeer from that point. Jahnvi gives detestable grin once more.

Dhruv takes Kabeer out, Kabeer mightily endeavors to enter back, yet Dhruv stops him and defies that Kabeer did not advise about his marriage to his family, not even to his pal sibling, so entire family is in a stun. He quiets down Kabeer and sends him for lengthy drive in his vehicle. Jahnvi asks PK to quiet down as he can’t kick out Kavya like that as she is Kabeer’s better half at this point. PK exhaust that she mentally programmed Kabeer and entered his life. Kabeer drives vehicle thinking back PK’s words. Kavya with Arush leaves in auto towards railroad station.

Precap Upcoming Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Episode Update: Police officer asks Arush his dad’s name. Jahnvi enters and says his dad’s name is Kabeer. She asks Kabeer to return home, she will address PK. He concurs and leaves. Jahnvi demonstrates her underhanded inclination again reciting a joke.


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