Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Jahnvi strolls to Kavya’s room and does not discover her or her gear. Kavya with Arush hangs tight for a train in railroad station. Aarush asks her for what good reason did not Kabeer go with them, call him and talk. Kavya requests that he stay silent, at that point feels remorseful and says Kabeer is occupied in work and they will call him later. Kabeer comes back from long ride. Dhruv jokes if his vehicle is fine, he is hesitant to give his vehicle to armed force officers. Jahnvi calls Kabeer and illuminates that Kavya is missing. Chanda chachi like a genuine junior miscreant hollers to check if Kavya stole adornments as she has heard a great deal of comparable stories. Jahnvi requests that her quit questioning Kavya and over telephone reveals to Kabeer that she is turning out and they will seek Kavya. PK says no requirement for that. Dadaji gets some information about Kavya what’s more, asks Jahnvi to proceed to look through her. Jahnvi exits and surges in vehicle with Dhruv and Kabeer.

Jahnvi inquires as to whether he needs choc, bread rolls, chips.. Aarush says chips. She goes to purchase chips. Aarush sees armed force officers and salutes them thinking back his dad instructing him to salute at whatever point he sees armed force officers. He strolls behind them. Kavya returns and frenzies not seeing them. She looks allover. Aarush sees armed force jeep and thinking back covering up in his dad’s jeep stows away in it. Jeep leaves. Kabeer and Jahnvi achieve railroad station and scan for Kavya and Aarush. Kavya keeps terrifying and seeking Aarush and conflicts with Kabeer, cries that Aarush is missing. Kabeer asks what does she mean. Jahnvi says let us look him independently. Every one of the 3 look for Aaarush in all trains and stages. Kabeer sees a gear trolley towards Kavya and pulls her towards him. She feels anxious. They hear declaration around a 5-multi year old kid being found in railroad station and is taken to police headquarters, race to police headquarters.

In police headquarters, officer asks Aarush what is his name. Aarush answers his name is Aarush. Officer asks what is his dad’s name. Aarush stands confounded. Jahnvi enters and says his dad’s name is Vyom Malhotra. Aarush gestures yes. Kabeer and Kavya likewise stroll in straightaway. Jahnvi reveals to Kabeer that Aarush told his dad’s name is Vyom Malhotra rather than his name. Kabeer admits that Aarush isn’t his natural child, he is Kavya and Vyom Malhotra’s child. Kavya gives detestable grin. They go to a roadside eatery where Kabeer uncovers that Vyom was his bestfriend in mary and in truth he helped Vyom run off with Kavya and wed her, even brightened their wedding night bed thinking back the occurrence. He proceeds with that amid a military task, Vyom was shot and lost his life, yet before biting the dust Vyom asks Kabeer to wed Kavya and deal with her and Aarush. He proceeds with his difficulty and says he knows father/PK won’t acknowledge Kavya and Aarush.

Jahnvi says he did whatever he felt right, presently she will do whatever she feels right. She holds Kavya’s hand and says that house has a place with even her and Aarush like Kabeer’s. Kabeer gets hesitant. Jahnvi says he did well by following his companionship, she will disclose family and demands to go with her home at this point. Kabeer concurs and strolls towards vehicle with Kavya and Aarush. Jahnvi with fiendishness articulation mumbles somebody liner.

Precap Upcoming Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Episode Update: Ishani inquires as to whether she overlooked her saying so effectively. Kavya says she always remembers her saying, moves noisily in gathering and sees PK leaving in his vehicle.


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