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PK strolls down to eating territory and asks when will nourishment be served. Dhruv says Jahnvi and Kavya have not yet returned home. PK asks what should he tell his appetite, hunger leave… he knows Kavya well and she will return back without a doubt. Jahnvi returns home with Kabeer, Kavya, and Aarush. Dhruv asks Kabeer where were they. PK says he was correct with respect to Kavya and remarks if Jahnvi is stepping stool in snake stepping stool diversion, Kavya is wind. Kabeer exhaust, yet Dhruv stops him and Jahnvi requests that he go to his stay with Kavya and Aarush. Kabeer takes them to his room and goes up against Kavya that how might she leave without advising, he had guaranteed his from Vyom to deal with her and Aarush and will tail it entire life. Kavya says even she regarded Vyom’s last wish and wedded Kabeer, she realized his family would respond, yet she didn’t expect Ishani’s suicide endeavor. Aarush begins crying seeing their contention. Kabeer comforts him. Aarush says he felt that even he will leave like father.

PK in his room figures for what reason did Kabeer double-cross him, on the off chance that they had joined together, they would have taken their business higher than ever. He gets chief’s call who educates that he discovered who sent his model head, and he leaves to meet magistrate.

Dhruv goes up against Ishani that they are hitched for a year and even now he believes he doesn’t know his significant other legitimately, he implies she didn’t give him a chance to investigate her heart. Jahnvi listens quietly twisting her head. He says she can proceed with her shallow conduct and he will keep cherishing her till she changes.

Ishani takes a gander at her and Kabeer’s pics amid Jahnvi and Dhruv’s wedding. Kabeer strolls in. She inquires as to for what reason did he come here. He says he needs her to proceed onward. She goes up against for what reason did he play with her amid Jahnvi and Dhruv’s wedding, he should leave Kavya and wed her. Kabeer yells to control herself. Ishani inquires as to for what reason did she wed Kavya. Kabir endeavors to begin his story, however Jahnvi strolls in and says he doesn’t need to clarify anything and cautions Ishani to quiets down. Ishani stands up to that she guaranteed her something and is accomplishing something different. Jahnvi hauls her from that point saying she won’t remain in this house hereon. Kabeer and Dhruv attempt to stop her futile. She leaves in vehicle with Ishani. Dhruv asks Sonali to bring his vehicle keys. PK returns in his vehicle. Chanda Chachi hollers Jahnvi and Ishani got away in vehicle. Dhruv says he will go behind them. PK says no requirement for that.

Jahnvi drives vehicle while Ishani goes up against that she did as she said and prepared to wed Kabeer, however she acknowledge Kavya for Kabeer, what is she up to. Jahnvi thinks back arranging with Ishani and says she will get Kavya out of Kabeer’s life and even his home soon; she knew Kabeer is wedding his closest companion Vyom’s widow, so she made this arrangement and persuaded PK to get Kabeer wedded to Ishani and when Kabeer brought Kavya home as his significant other, PK felt remorseful and she is appreciating seeing his blame. Ishani asks what is her next arrangement. Jahnvi says in the event that she uncovers it, her arrangement will flop, so given it a chance to be with her. She sees a baraat going by and says let us observe PK mittal’s way of destroyal. She joins baratis and moves madly with articulations of absolute fulfillment. PK goes by in hiscar. She at that point thinks back she and Ishani as children remaining outside their consuming house. She drones dil me holi jalrahi hai/holi is consuming in my heart; PK grabbed their dad by means of flame, presently she will inject fire in PK’s family and won’t stop till entire house consumes.

Precap Upcoming Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Episode Update: Commissioner addresses likeness producer who says a lady requested PK’s head representation and helps sketch craftsman set up lady’s sketch. PK is flabbergasted to see sketch, and Jahnvi gets apprehensive.


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