Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhruv asks Kabeer where had been they. PK says he turned into proper regarding Kavya and feedback if Jahnvi is ladder in snake ladder game, Kavya is snake. Kabeer fumes, but Dhruv stops him and Jahnvi asks him to go to his room with Kavya and Aarush. Kabeer takes them to his room and confronts Kavya that how can she leave with out informing, he had promised his from Vyom to attend to her and Aarush and will comply with it whole existence. Kavya says even she reputable Vyom’s remaining wish and married Kabeer, she knew his circle of relatives could react, but she did now not assume Ishani’s suicide strive. Aarush starts offevolved crying seeing their argument. Kabeer consoles him. Aarush says he felt that even he will go away like dad.

PK in his room thinks why did Kabeer betray him, in the event that they had united, they might have taken their enterprise to new heights. He gets commissioner’s call who informs that he found out who despatched his effigy head, and he walks away to satisfy commissioner.

Dhruv confronts Ishani that they are married for a 12 months or even now he feels he does no longer understand his wife well, he manner she did now not permit him check out her coronary heart. Jahnvi listens silently bending her head. He says she can maintain her superficial conduct and he will preserve loving her till she modifications.

Ishani appears at her and Kabeer’s snap shots at some point of Jahnvi and Dhruv’s wedding ceremony. Kabeer walks in. She asks why did he come here. He says he wishes her to transport on. She confronts why did he flirt together with her all through Jahnvi and Dhruv’s wedding, he need to go away Kavya and marry her. Kabeer shouts to govern herself. Ishani asks why did she marry Kavya. Kabir attempts to start his tale, but Jahnvi walks in and says he does now not must give an explanation for some thing and warns Ishani to close up. Ishani confronts that she promised her some thing and is doing some thing else. Jahnvi drags her from there pronouncing she can now not stay on this house hereon. Kabeer and Dhruv try to prevent her in useless. She leaves in automobile with Ishani. Dhruv asks Sonali to deliver his automobile keys. PK returns in his vehicle. Chanda Chachi yells Jahnvi and Ishani escaped in car. Dhruv says he’s going to move behind them. PK says no need for that.

Jahnvi drives automobile while Ishani confronts that she did as she stated and got prepared to marry Kabeer, but she accept Kavya for Kabeer, what’s she up to. Jahnvi reminisces making plans with Ishani and says she will get Kavya out of Kabeer’s existence and even his house soon; she knew Kabeer is marrying his great pal Vyom’s widow, so she made all this plan and convinced PK to get Kabeer married to Ishani and while Kabeer added Kavya domestic as his spouse, PK felt guilty and he or she is taking part in seeing his guilt. Ishani asks what is her next plan. Jahnvi says if she famous it, her plan will fail, so allow or not it’s along with her. She sees a baraat passing through and says allow us to have a good time PK mittal’s direction of destroyal. She joins baratis and dances insanely with expressions of utter pride. PK passes by in hiscar. She then reminisces she and Ishani as children status out of doors their burning house. She chants dil me holi jalrahi hai/holi is burning in my coronary heart; PK snatched their father via fire, now she can infuse hearth in PK’s family and will now not forestall until entire residence burns.

Precap: Commissioner questions effigy maker who says a woman ordered PK’s head effigy and facilitates cartoon artist prepare girl’s caricature. PK is surprised to peer caricature, and Jahnvi receives nervous.


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