Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

PK demonstrates woman’s sketch to Jahnvi. Jahnvi asks whose sketch is this, what is he doing here as opposed to going to visitors. PK says this the young lady who sent his representation head. Model craftsman is astounded to see Jahnvi and says that lady was looking precisely like madam. Chief yells shut up, she is bahu. Jahnvi says let us come back to pary. PK calls magistrate. Chief says he will come later and orders hawaldar to take model and sketch specialists away. Jahnvi smiling gazes are model craftsman and leaves. In gathering, Kabir sees his cousin Jay endeavoring to pick drinks and asks what’s happening with he. Jay says he isn’t drinking and does not shrouded anything like Kabir. Kabir says should he uncover his insider facts and approaches to hang tight for a half year till he achieves drinking age and afterward both siblings will appreciate drink together. Jay says he fears bade daddy/PK and not to educate him about this. Kabir says that is the issue of this house. They join back family.

PK slices cake startling his significant other to grin. Everybody applaud them. Jahnvi strolls to Aarush and says let us play, she pardons Kavya and takes Aarush with her. Kabir wishes cheerful commemoration to PK, and PK bolsters his cake. Kavya wishes him cheerful commemoration, however PK overlooks her. Jahnvi acquaints another kid Om with Kabir and taking them to Aarushs room asks Aarush to open his sack and play with toys with Om. Aarush opens pack. Jahnvi quietly pics photograph casing of Aarush with his folks, drops it down and asks Om to offer it to Kabir. Om strolls towards Aarush.

In gathering, Chanda chachi reveals to PK that she has arranged a move as a tribute to him, would she be able to exhibit it. PK licenses. She moves unusually and to deal with circumstance, Jay and Sonali join her. Jahnvi watches Om strolling towards Aarush and taking photoframe from him indicates it to Kabir and requests that he conceal it before family observes it. Ishani inquires as to for what reason did she prevent from uncovering truth. Jahnvi it was not part of her arrangement. In the wake of completing move, Chanda asks PK how was it. PK says he didn’t realize she can move so well. Chanda expresses gratitude toward him and says she did initially class move and let Jahnvi demonstrate her below average move. She calls Jahnvi for move who hits the dance floor with Dhruv. PK gets a call and strolls close entryway. A military officer enters and says he is Aarush’s dad’s companion and came to meet Aarush and Kavya, on the off chance that he can call Kavya, he needs to pay her sympathies for Aarush’s father”s demise. PK inquires as to whether he is crazy, Aarush’s dad Kabir is alive. Armed force officer says Vyom was Aarush’s organic dad. PK yells what trash is this and calls Kabir. Jahnvi meddles and requests that he quiet down, thinking back employing on-screen character to go about as armed force officer in PK’s slam leela. Officer escapes in his jeep. PK keeps freezing and strolling towards Kabir gets heart assault and crumples in the wake of yelling uproariously. Jahnvi cheers and afterward going about as stunned yells dad. Entire family surges towards PK.

Precap Upcoming Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Episode Update: Jahnvi illuminates Suman that Kabir is leaving home and requests that her stop him. Suman endeavors to stop Kabir and family, however Kabir strolls towards entryway. Suman slips and tumbles from stairs.


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