Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Suman yells at Pooja that she does no longer have a mother, so she doesn’t realize what mom’s love is, if she wants to harm Dhruv, she ought to damage her as a substitute. Kabir takes Suman from there from there.
Chopra says he will call police. Pooja walks away pronouncing police will now not come here. Kabir takes Suman out and consoles her. Suman cries that her Dhruv is in trouble and all due to Pooja’s betrayal.

Kabir walks to Pooja. Chopra tries to stop him in vain. Kabir tells Pooja that what Dhruv did become wrong and he did now not realize mom would come and create ruckus here; he wanted to take revenge from her before, but now he found out they gained’t get some thing with this revenge saga, so he desires to pass a ways far from here. He gives his resignation letter and walks away.

Dadaji confronts Suman that what she did turned into incorrect and her reaction will damage Kabir’s image. Kabir walks in and says he clean his lifestyles’s biggest tension as he resigned from manufacturing facility paintings and were given another process. He continues that he is completed with revenge saga and wants to go some distance far from Pooja’s life; he simply desires to spend a first-rate time together with his circle of relatives and wishes Dhruv to return domestic quickly. Suansays anything they assume, Dhruv made a mistake due to Pooja. Dadaji asks to stop her wrong wondering again.

Chopra provokes Pooja that she did proper via accepting Kabir’s resignation and she or he have to ship him to prison. Pooja says why he works greater than he have to and asks to provide her fashion show’s update. Chopra says she does no longer look well still after her kidnap. Pooja says she have to punish Dhruv and not herself or Kabir, she goes for lunch and wishes all facts about style display as soon as she returns, she isn’t always vulnerable and he ought to consider it forever. once she leaves, Ranjeet walks in and says there’s no difference among canine’s tail and Chopra, he does not thoughts being insulted time and again. Chopra says quickly he’ll take over Pooja’s enterprise.

Pooja returns home and imagines Suman yelling that she does not have a mom, so she doesn’t know what mom’s love is, an orphan can not know a mother’s ache. She alternatives her mom’s burnt percent and cries why did she go away her, she gets very weak seeing Suman shields her kids even after their wrongdoing, even she wishes her guard, where did she move.

Inspector asks Kabir if Dhruv contacted them. Kabir says not but. Suman yells at inspector that Pooja bought him and ought to have asked to kill Dhruv. Kabir tries to calm dher down. Inspector says as in keeping with his statistics, Dhruv has not long past a ways away and will attempt to assault Pooja once more, he has alerted Pooja or even they ought to be alert.

Pooja takes fashion display’s replace from Chopra at night. Ranjeet murmurs in Chopra’s ears it is already late night. Pooja says she has a better concept. in the morning, Pooja tells consumer that every one fashion display fashions will input with their moms. Amma says it is a good idea. Chopra says their show stopper Meena denied to take part. Pooja scolds why is he informing so past due. Ranjeet says Pooja may be display stopper. customer likes this concept.. Amma tells Pooja she must do her and leave it to god. Pooja concurs. patron asks wherein is Kabir. Orphanage youngsters meet Pooja. Amma says they’re eager to see Pooja on degree, will she manage. Pooja says sure.

Kabir’s informer informs him that he located where Dhruv is. Kabir thank you him and says in which is Dhruv, he’ll ask Dhruv to give up himself to police. He reaches a spot and breaking door enters residence.

Precap: someone over cellphone informs Kabir that Dhruv will kill Pooja by using electrifying garland pooja is maintaining on stage. Pooja walks on stage holding garland. Kabir runs towards her.


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