Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Mayura knocking on Rivaaj’s room and asks am i able to come in? Rivaaj smiles. She says i hope you didn’t experience horrific to question you time and again and to test the house. Rivaaj offers her beer. Mayura refuses. She says i’m sad to understand that infant’s mom died while giving birth to her. Rivaaj gets tensed. Mayura asks if it became all. Rivaaj says Amma said that she died whilst giving beginning to that toddler and asks why are you asking this? Rani says she wishes to recognise all secrets and techniques to shield him. She says it’s miles unusual that a huge residence bahu died in the course of shipping.

Rivaaj says headaches don’t see wealthy and bad. She says I might be close to you and could now not go away you. Later she opens the child’s room lock and springs internal. She says what took place, if Mamma isn’t there then Maasi is right here. She gets a name. The lady on call tells that there’s no proof that Rukmani died in the course of delivery, there’s no demise certificates and no entry of her transport. Mayura thinks Rukmani can be alive and thinks of her words. She says your mom loves you a lot and wouldn’t have long gone leaving you by myself. She recollects Rukmani telling that her toddler is fortunate for her. She hears a person coming, comes out and locks the door.

She involves corridor and keeps spy cam within the vase. Trisha sees her and hides. A vase falls down alerting Mayura. Trisha doubts Mayura and goes to Rivaaj silently. Mayura calls Rivaaj and asks if sleep betrayed him in his reminiscence. Trisha takes Rivaaj to Mayura. Mayura turns to him while the decision continues to be on. She remembers hiding the phone. Rivaaj hears the girl telling that she can’t live without him. Mayura says i found this in the vase and shows cam. Tashi’s husband comes there and the juice falls from his hand. Rivaaj asks him to get it clean. Tashi’s husband says she is wise. Trisha says she will be able to disclose her the following day.

Rivaaj tells Mayura that she could be very happy with her. He asks how she got into this profession. Mayura says my personal existence is dull so i will’t let you know and make you bored, however I want to know about you. She asks him about Rani and Raghav and says do you have got any idea about their accident, in the event that they got stored and taking revenge on you. Rivaaj says it is overdue night, I want to sleep. Tashi’s husband Roop is taking Mayura’s p.c. Tashi comes and asks Roop in which he was searching at? He says he checked out them listening to them speaking. Mayura comes to child again and says if Nani and badi Nani might have been here then we’d have a satisfied circle of relatives. She says Rivaaj ruined everything, this tale started along with his stubbornness to get me. She says she can get him punished for his sins. A facebook is proven, Rani is operated and recuperate inside the medical institution. She promises to infant that she can make Rivaaj go through and make him lonely, like he is doing together with her.

Rani comes to toddler once more within the morning and takes her out in the balcony. Trisha sees her and thinks your recreation is over.

Precap: Trisha tells that she saw Mayura going to balcony with child. Mayura says she became crying so she..Premlatha asks if this is your toddler and asks Rivaaj to take a decision. Rivaaj says you have to pass.


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