Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Rukmani follows Rani in the car and asks her stop. She gets down from the car and asks her to come in car. Rani says I will not go in his car. Rukmani asks what problem she has with him. Rani says it is a big conspiracy which you can’t see, it is a big game played by him. She says I will tell everything to Dadi and Maa. Rukmani tells that Rivaaj and her have developed relation which happens after marriage, and asks her to understand. She says she has become of Rivaaj with her body and soul and asks her not to tell anyone. Rani gets shocked and hugs her. Rani prays to God and thinks don’t know what the

Consequences will be and asks God to save Rukmani. She says I don’t trust Rivaaj and asks her not to forget that they are Jhansi ki Rani. Rivaaj is driving the jeep with his friends. He sings song..pehli nazar me pehla pyaar. Pappu asks him to look at the front. Rivaaj stops the jeep seeing Rani infront of his jeep. Rani says I want to talk to you. Rivaaj asks her to accept his hello and says I suspect that you will meet me, but didn’t expect it. He asks what do you want to say. Rani asks him to stay far from her Didi. Rivaaj acts to be shocked and asks what? Rani asks him not to have any relation with Rukmani. Rivaaj says I am Rivaaj and have got the tormentor Alok arrested. Rani asks him not to act infront of her and says I know you are not like how you appears. Rivaaj says you don’t know me even a bit and tells that whoever he wants to get, he gets that person and make him hers. He removes his jacket and shirt shocking her, tells that he will give the test. Rani runs towards her scooty and is about to sit.

Rivaaj shouts asking the band guys to play and beats himself with hunter. Rani gets shocked seeing his madness. People on the road that this is not road but Tapasya. Rivaaj beats himself with the hunter and takes Rani’s name. Rani sits on the bike and goes. Rivaaj sits down and tells that she will be only of Rivaaj. Rani thinks stubborn guy like Rivaaj is not right for him. She comes to the parlour and sees Rukmani tattooing Rivaaj’s name on her neck. She stops the man tattooing her and stops him. Rukmani tells that she loves Rivaaj and wants to feel him always. She asks her to stop from her matter. Rani says you will be ruin your life if you stay with him, he is mad. Rani asks didn’t you stop me if I do such mistakes? Rukmani says I would have thought about your happiness. Rani says I will interfere and asks did he propose you for marriage. She says he made husband and wife relation with you, but didn’t propose you. She hugs her and says I am younger than you, but worries for you. She asks her to think if Rivaaj is serious about her.

Raghav and Tashi come to the shop to buy gifts. Tashi asks him to buy whatever he wants. She looks at the greeting card and wishes to celebrate Valentine’s day with someone. She says she will be single until Rivaaj is in her life and thinks she will become bride directly. Raghav asks Tashi about the Valentine day. Tashi tells him about it. Raghav gives valentine card to Tashi. Tashi says we give Valentine card to the person who we will marry in future. Raghav brings another card.

Rivaaj is in the room and thinks of Rani. Rani thinks of Rivaaj tormenting her. Rukmani thinks how Rivaaj saves them. He thinks he can bear any pain and will reach Rani through Rukmani. Rani turns to Rukmani and hugs her. Rukmani says you said right angrily, I have to talk to Rivaaj about marriage else this relation is no mean. Rani says I love you and wants to see you happy and not hurt. She apologizes. Rivaaj says I know I am between you both sisters. He says he thinks 10 times deep than Rani and asks why you are provoking your sister. He says he will hit arrow on Rukmani’s heart at Valentine’s day and says happy Valentine’s day.

Precap: Rukmani and Rivaaj dancing in the valentine’s party. Rivaaj beats a man for touching Rani and asks her not to worry as he will not let anybody come in her life.

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