Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rani disclosing to Tashi that Rukmani is in the house. Tashi asks how all of a sudden? Rani says I overlooked and tells that there was puja at home, so didi more likely than not gone there to bring sustenance. Raghav tells that they will have nourishment. Tashi prods him. Rani requests that they have sustenance and says she is coming. She expresses gratitude toward Durga Maa for bringing Rivaaj’s actual face infront of Rukmani. She twists down her head before Durga Maa and gets up. She finds sindoor on her temple and tells that she realizes that her obligations are not exclusively rukmani’s satisfaction yet her significant other’s wellbeing. She tells that today is the opportune spot to reveal to Rivaaj’s reality to Rukmani, it will be simple for her to get it. She requests that her secure Raghav in her nonattendance and spare him from every single awful individuals.

Rivaaj consumes Rukmani’s pic and says you came here as a supervision until Rani turns into mine, however at this point Rani has gone extremely distant from me. He puts the slag of Rukmani’s pic to his safe and tells that his life science is demolished, however he won’t let it happen regardless of whether he needs to execute somebody. He goes to Raghav’s room. Raghav comes to Rani. Rani tells that she made rundown of things to be eaten and inquires as to whether he recalls what to do in the event that he gets awful dream. He says he will peruse mantras. He requests that her nearby her eyes. Rani shuts her eyes. Raghav makes her wear pearls accessory. Rani shuts his eyes. Yeh moh ke dhaage plays… .Raghav requests that her open her eyes and see. He tells that Papa purchased neckband for Rukmani bhabhi and mummy, however I don’t have cash and can’t tell Papa, so I made this with Tashi’s assistance for you. He inquires as to whether she loved it? Rani gets passionate and embraces him. She says I cherished it. Rivaaj hears them from outside and gets irate. Rani expresses gratitude toward him for contemplating her to such an extent. Raghav requests that her guarantee that she will return soon. Rani says yes. Rivaaj holds the vase angrily..and goes from that point. Rani thinks the way is clear currently, yet don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur.

Manjiri asks Rukmani to open the entryway and requests that her tell what was the deal? Rukmani is crying still. Dadi asks Manjiri to check who returned home. Manjiri opens the entryway and sees Rivaaj standing. She asks Rukmani to come outside and see who came here. Rukmani looks on. Rani is headed and is glad reasoning about breaking quick with Raghav’s hand and wearing the mangalsutra on her hand. She supposes she left her significant other to demonstrate the correct method to Rukmani. She supposes Pandit ji had said that Raghav and her connection is solid and it can’t be broken, and supposes she needs to ask Rukmani to break her connection. Rani gets back home and inquires as to whether didi is fine. She sees Rivaaj sitting on couch and calls his name. Dadi says he is your jija ji. Rivaaj says no issue and tells that she calls me by my name. Rukmani says you are here? Manjiri says I called her here as you was vexed. Rivaaj tells that Rukmani got annoyed with him. Dadi says spouse came behind her. She calls Rivaaj as Ram and Rukmani as Sita. Rivaaj says there is no correlation of Ram and me, and tells that he is Ravan. Rani says he is stating right and tells that he is Ravan. Rukmani yells at him. Rani says he went about as Ravan in the play, and tells that at one minute, it resembled Sita will recognize his fact, yet proved unable. Rukmani asks what is in your grasp. Rani says it is mine. Dadi says first it was our own and now mine. Rivaaj says whatever is of Rukmani, it is yours and signs at him.

Raghav calls Rani and inquires as to whether she precedes night. Rani says she will call later on. Rivaaj inquires as to whether it was Raghav’s call. Rani says it was companion’s call. Rukmani inquires as to whether she is accompanying them or remaining back. Rivaaj says where there is a heart, there is a heart beat. Rani considers in the event that he came to think about Raghav and me. Rukmani asks I don’t get his meaning? Rivaaj says how she will live without you. Rukmani says I can’t comprehend your jokes. Rivaaj giggles and welcomes Manjiri and Dadi. He requests that Rani come quick and go out with Rani. Rani considers in the event that he came to think about Raghav and him.

Precap: Raghav considers Rani and tells that he got a terrible dream. Rani says she is coming there. Rivaaj keeps hand on her mouth and takes her to room. Rani advises that she will advise truth to Rukmani. Rivaaj says he will reveal to Rukmani that she has affections for him. Rukmani sees them together and calls Rivaaj.


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